Little Girl

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Little Girl has been crying lately
because someone's dying already
as she becomes one with the wind
her tears are like rain
falling down on the earth

Little Girl can't stand the pain
she's running away,far away from home
to be denied a nightmare for a lifetime
to forget about the past,about everything
her feet carrying her along the earth

Little Girl is lying a life
to protect her little broken self
or at least what's left of yesterday
she's fighting through another day
and decides one single tear is enough to cry

Little Girl is falling forever
trying to love with all her heart
she gets torn apart
by her everything,her love
no one's there to catch her anymore

Little Girl is hurting herself
she can't take it no more
so she takes a knife and cuts herself
'cause she sees no sense in a lonely life
so she gives up in the end

Little Girl has told her story
now it's found its end
no more tears,the pain is gone
how could they all be so damn wrong?!

Nobody can see or learn the lesson
oh,Little Girl what has happened to you
poor little thing that your actions are in vain
and you'll just be forgotten...
Girl wanted to be free and but her parents were very strict so one day they had an argument and her parents said that she wasn't their daughter anymore.She ran away from home to live her own life but soon she had to realize that living is hard.No one helped her and she was all alone,the people she met only hurt her.One day she fell in love with someone but he betrayed her and so she was all alone.She was so depressed that she didn't see any sense in staying alive and so she gave up...
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