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Lego Ready Player One Box Art. by Rock-Raider Lego Ready Player One Box Art. :iconrock-raider:Rock-Raider 1 0 I Support Rainbow Pants. by Rock-Raider I Support Rainbow Pants. :iconrock-raider:Rock-Raider 0 0 Furry Duncan. by Rock-Raider Furry Duncan. :iconrock-raider:Rock-Raider 1 3 Finn and Fionna Meet. by Rock-Raider Finn and Fionna Meet. :iconrock-raider:Rock-Raider 1 0 The House Of The Dead: Toontopia Terror Boxart. by Rock-Raider
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Lego Ready Player One Box Art.
Here's something I've had the thought of for a bit.  Probably less than a year by now.  What we have here, as you can see, is my idea for box art for a Lego Ready Player One video game.

For the uninitiated on Ready Player One, let me explain.  The year is 2045, and the world is in pretty lousy shape.  However, rather than try to fix it, everyone has retreated into the OASIS, a virtual world where anything is possible created by James Halliday, one of the greatest minds of his generation.  The Oasis has become so popular, in fact, that people have started doing business, going to school, basically living their lives in The Oasis.  Five years ago, James Halliday passed away, and in a video will, revealed he would leave controlling stock of Halliday's company and the OASIS, and a fortune in money, to whoever would complete his three challenges that he set up.  For those five years, no one was able to get past the first challenge, which is a big race, because no one can get past the giant King Kong set up at the end.

Enter Wade Watts, a young man living in Columbus, Ohio, in a slum called "The Stacks", called such because it's a trailer park where there are towers of trailers stacked on top of one another.  Like a lot of other people, he's still searching for any sign as to how to beat that race.  One day, after meeting a girl on the OASIS named Art3mis, he finally finds the clue and wins the race.  From there, we follow Wade on his quest to complete James Halliday's challenge and win the prize.

For a Lego adaptation video game of Ready Player One, I imagine there would be plenty for Lego to work with.  I haven't really thought of what kind of powers the various characters would have, though.

Now, for the picture, I thought of using another picture for the box art, but I went with this because I wasn't in the mood to do something super-detailed.  So, just Wade with the real world on one side, and the OASIS on the other.  I also recognize I was kinda lazy in the background, and with the colours.  Again, didn't want to do a lot of work.  I guess it stemmed from wanting to get the previous picture on here as soon as possible.  But I really shouldn't rush things, should I?

Here is where I got the pictures used for reference.…

Well, anyway, be sure to comment if you like it.
I Support Rainbow Pants.
We've all picked our sides of who to ship with whom in the MLP: FIM fandom.  Here's mine.

Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants, aka, QuibbleDash.

I took to calling it Rainbow Pants because, well, I thought it sounded funny.  Of course, QuibbleDash has caught on, and I'd rather not try to force it, since on the internet, that sorta thing can get you flamed to ashes.  I'll probably still call it Rainbow Pants, I'm just not going to try to make others say it.

Now, for the picture itself, originally, Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants were going to be IN the pants in the center of the picture.  Sadly, I didn't have the space, and I didn't want to have to resize the text.  I also thought of making the "I SUPPORT" at the top just plain and black.  But I decided it would fit better to make it match the "RAINBOW PANTS" lettering at the bottom.  In the end, here's the picture.

Here are some places I went to to get the images that I used for reference.…:…

Well, anyway, be sure to comment if you like it.
Furry Duncan.
This is something I had in my head years ago.  About around the time I thought up these.……

Obviously, this is Duncan if he were anthro.

I had a different idea of what colours I wanted to make him, but couldn't really find what I was looking for.  In the end, I just went with this.

Well, anyway, be sure to comment if you like it.
Finn and Fionna Meet.
This is something I've had in my had for some time.  Maybe years.  As you can tell  from the title, this is my idea of what would happen if Finn and Fionna should ever meet each other.

Yeah, I figure it could be some kind of I-just-met-my-gender-flipped-self freak out, and they'd just stay like that, screaming at each other, maybe until somebody snaps them out of it.

Here are some pictures I used for reference.……

Well, anyway, be sure to comment if you like it.
The House Of The Dead: Toontopia Terror Boxart.
This is something I had an idea of when I discovered :iconthauburger:'s Toontopia pictures.  What we have here is my idea of boxart for a hypothetical "The House Of The Dead" game set in Toontopia.

I had the story go something like this.  Toontopia is hosting a land-wide celebration, with most of the population in the Main Street Square.  At the party, AMS agents Amy Crystal and Harry Harris (from The House Of The Dead 2), were hired to assist in security.  During a speech being made by Mr. Thornheart (from The House Of The Dead: Scarlet Dawn) at the party in Main Street, the toons discover several hordes of zombies rushing towards them from all sides.  The toons' panic at this, but luckily, Frozone jumps into action and creates a massive dome of ice around the toons crowded in town square.

Meanwhile, Harry and Amy, who are stationed at the sign at the bottom of Main Street, have just called for an extraction helicopter to airlift all the gathered toons to safety off Toontopia.  Then, grabbing some machineguns, they spring into action.

So, yeah, from there, the game begins.  Since the House Of The Dead series does multiple branching pathways as one of its things, this would be no exception.  There's only a few set levels in the game.  The first is Main Street, where Harry and Amy have to reach the ice dome protecting the toons so the extraction chopper can get to them.  You can reach it from a number of different pathways, and you can choose which way to go.  Then, they have to fight against Hangedman so it doesn't bring the chopper down, and in the later part of the fight, Harry and Amy hop on Marahute (from The Rescuers: Down  Under) to take the battle against Hangedman to the sky.

From then on, you, the player, pick which way the agents go.  As in, which part of Toontopia they venture to next to save more toons in danger.  The zombies they encounter would vary with each location (to an extent anyway), like forests and jungles being a more likely place to encounter Cains (… ), and the more technologically advanced parts have zombies like Roberts (… ) and Moodys (… ).

The zombies you encounter are pretty much all the zombies from previous games (check them out here ->… ), same for the bosses (except a few, maybe).  The final one might be something original, as I figure Thornheart would've infested Toontopia with zombies to get toon tissue for use in his genome experiments.  Oh, that reminds me, the final levels will also be set.  One would be set on a route to Thornheart's base, one set in the lower floors of it, and one set in the upper floors.

So, that's what the game would be like.  Now, for the art itself, well, I thought of adding more of a background, but I guess I decided I couldn't fit one in, what with all that's going on in it.  I thought of using real-life pictures of guns for the ones Harry and Amy are holding, but I went with the ones that they're holding instead.  Might be based on what Kate Green and Ryan Taylor hold in Scarlet Dawn.

Oh, and the zombies in this picture?  They're all real zombies from the game.

Top, left to right.
Left: Morris (… )
Middle: Sam (… )
Right: Ken (… )

Bottom, Left to right.
Left: Josh (… )
Right: Ebitan (… )

These are some pictures I used for reference.………………………

Well, anyway, be sure to comment if you like it.
Sadly, it seems yet another Christian Kickstarter was a bust.  But, once again, here's another chance.

Shields Of Faith #1…
Funding Goal: CA$2,259.00
Deadline: Friday, October 16th, 2018, 3:52PM EDT
Current Funding: CA$261.00

The people behind Christian Flagg and Alabaster want to now do a Christian Super-Group comic called, of course, Shields Of Faith.  I say, help them out.  There's a couple of pages from the comic (no word bubbles, though) available to view on the page, so if you want to see what you might get, have a look.
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