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Hace tanto que no dibujaba a mi Seth bonitu, ¡al fin le dedico un dibujo a él solito! Por estos días me propuse darle más amor a mis demás personajes, esta vez espero cumplirlo x’D

A Seth lo concebí con la idea de ser un chico lindo, pero que no explota realmente su encanto. Es muuy serio, pero no introvertido. Y uno de los únicos personajes de esta historia con sentimientos honestos <3

No esperaba que quedara tan bien, me gusta mucho :3 Esta es la primera vez que uso pinceles de PhotoShop para hacer las cadenas; dibujarlas es muy cansador y es un detalle que no luce. Todavía no sé dibujar tatuajes…


Long time since I drew my beautiful Seth, I finally dedicate him a drawing only for himself! I proposed myself to give more love to my other characters, I hope to fulfill it this time x’D

I conceived him with the idea of him being a cute guy, who doesn’t exploit his charm. He’s very serious, but not introverted. And one of the few characters on this story with honest feelings <3

I wasn’t expecting this one to look so good, I like it :3 This is the first time I use PhotoShop brushes to make the chains; drawing it is very tiring and is a detail that no one cares. Still can’t draw tattoos…

PainTool SAI, PhotoShop CS4 (brushes:… , ,… ; pattern: ).

Seth © RocioZero
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I can't believe this punk is all nice with honest feelings! :XD: I'd like to see him one day without all the make-up! :) Drawing his tattoo all the time must be tedious :P
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Never judge a book by its cover =P He's very kind, people just can't figure it out because he always has that scowling face xD He has nothing interesting behind the make-up :shrug: And seeing him without it won't happen soon xD
Tha tattoos, aaaagh! It's tedious indeed, but I'm getting used to do it :)
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Damn I wanted to tell you to draw him without make-up, though. And without his hair made-up :XD: Ad wearing pyjamas :D :D :D
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Why do you want me to torture him like that? XDDD
But yeah, I have a sketch very similar to that idea xD And I want to work on it soon :iconheplz:
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I don't want to torture him. He might as well enjoy it he he heh :XD: Good, I'll be looking forward to it ^_^
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I like your application of all these smaller details.
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Thank you! I love to work on little details :aww:
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