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Magical... Girl?

Si conocen a mi OC, deben estar pensando “WTF?” XD Es que esto es tan random que no tiene explicación lógica jaja :D En realidad, quería probar hacer una pose bien dinámica, y aproveché la oportunidad para usar ese traje de magical girl que siempre quise ponerle. El traje es un diseño original de Jenlix (Commission_Magical chibi Faye), así que todo el crédito va para ella (te dije que algún día haría algo con él :D).
Me gustó bastante el resultado. La pose fue bastante difícil, y la perspectiva del báculo también (horrenda, por cierto x’D). El cabello fue un dolor de cabeza… ¡Pero ahora quedó muy bueno!

Me pregunto cómo sería Faye como una magical girl… ¿Contra qué lucharía? ¿La humildad, la modestia, los hombres barbudos? XDDD

Si no conocen a mi OC… Disfruten el dibujo igual, y sepan que en realidad es un varón :lol: (Pero transgénero, así que supongo está bien que lo traten como una chica ^^)


If you know my OC, you must be thinking “WTF?” XD This is so random that it doesn’t have a logical explanation :D Actually, I wanted to try drawing a dynamic pose, and I took the opportunity to use that magical girl costume that I always wanted to use on him. The costume is an original design from Jenlix (Commission_Magical chibi Faye), so all the credit goes for her.
I quite liked the result; the pose was quite difficult, and the staff perspective too (awful, by the way x’D). The hair was a pain in the ass… but now it looks really good!

I wonder how Faye would be as a magical girl… What would he fight against? Humbleness, modesty, bearded men? XDDD

If you don’t know my OC… Enjoy the drawing anyway, and be aware that he’s a boy :lol: (But a transgender, so I guess it’s ok to treat him as a girl ^^)

PainTool SAI and PhotoShop CS4 (brushes from miss69-stock and )

Costume © :iconjenlix:
Faye © RocioZero
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Cuando querés ser Sailor Moon XD
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Pero te tocó el cromosoma equivocado. XD
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Me encanta la elección de los colores!!:la::la:Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
y es cierto que es chico??:O
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Muchas graciaaas :'D Creí que se veían muy saturados <3
Sí, es un varón xD Pero con lo bajito que es y ese enorme vestido, sería raro darse cuenta :XD:
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Estan bien los colores asi, de esa manera los dibujos se ven con más vida n.n
y pasa desapercibido con ese traje u//uNeko Emoji-16 (Blush) [V1] 
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So very pretty
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Thank you! ^v^
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You're welcome~~
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Heeeh lol, he looks cute but I don't think it fits him :XD: after all what I've seen on him :D and does he hate bearded men or what? :XD: Let's make him fight a giant tentacle monster...
You should make up some idiot phrase that he could shout like pyururiku or something...
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You don't think he could be a fighter for love and peace? Lol I don't blame you :XD:
Right, he doesn't like bearded men xD Especially those big, thick beards. Haha I never thought about it! A giant tentacle monster would be a great enemy! Or the beginning of a disgusting yaoi scene XDDDD

Pipirupirupiru pipirupi~ or something like "Gay power!", but I'm really bad to create something like that xD
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For love and peace?? Noooo waaaay :XD: Guess he could only fight FOR sexual abnormalities or something like that :XD:

I've never known about that :D Then what about Conchita Wurst? I can't help but think of him :XD: A bit of bristle is still fine? :D
Sure... I could imagine him fighting only these kind of monsters... and killing them only after he enjoyed their services, lol (what's up with me, anyway??)

Gay Power, huh... with the rainbow colours in the background :D
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"For sex and fuss" then? Your idea wouldn't be bad either XD
Faye doesn't like very masculine guys, that's why. But I little bristle is okay... LOL Conchita has a big beard, but he looks like a woman besides that xD
OMG what are you thinking, woman!? :XD::XD::XD: You just made me think that scene, eew! x'D
Yeah! Cliched, but that would work =P
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Yeah, maybe :D Then Conchita is fine? :D Just because he's otherwise very feminine :P (and I have to say he's handsome without makeup and the fake beard) but big hairy guys are a no :XD:

See, sometimes I might just be worse than you :D But I'm wondering why I haven't seen an anime like that :XD: (maybe I'm just not searching hard enough)
RocioZero's avatar
I guess he's fine, but Faye would prefer him without the beard anyway x) He's really handsome indeed ♥ So we agree that any of us like bearded men =P

See? This proves you can be as perverted as me xD I think there aren't yaoi tentacles animes :P (only normal hentai ones). I only saw it in doujinshis, but... it's too disgusting, YUCK!
Araki-chan's avatar
Yeah I guess bearded men are handsome if it's not unkempt too long hair :D and Conchita could use less makeup around his eyes, I'm always scared of his eyelashes :XD:

No, I'm not and I'll never be :XD: I don't really know how I've got there, but... it'd simply just be a very nice enemy, that's all :D
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I love the pose and the vibrant colors!!
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Thanks! I'm happy to know that <3
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well done a great color use
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Thanks a lot! I'm glad to know it, I'm really trying to improve my coloring :D
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Very nice work with the dynamic pose! I really like the dress design too and his hair!
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Thank you very much! I did my best with his hair x3 And the original dress design is absolutely cute <3
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Jajaja la descripción de sus villanos XD
Te quedó genial la pose y me alegro que usaras el vestido! :heart:
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Jajaja gracias, siempre me encantó tu diseño, por fin pude darme el gusto <3
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