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Tirgelan - The First Buildings

This is little farther down the mountain from the previous map, and a few years later time-wise. 

The yearly festival the wizards and druids held at the Story Circle has gotten bigger and bigger. Previously, there was enough room in the caves for everyone to sleep, but a new tradition has formed: engraving the walls with the latest spells and findings to pass them on to new generations.
Of course, sleeping in the noise is no good, so it was decided to pool some gold and build lodgings.

And so, the first buildings of the city were build.

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This is so lovely ! i like the many levels of altitude you added and the lovely stones and water!
Great,sweet details ! :clap:
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Thank you! :D
I'm glad you like water, and I'm still figuring out how to improve on it.
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to improve the water? hmm i really like it this way.. i mean there's not a lot of information (as in details) in the whole design so the water imo is represented well...
I like the stones you added and the waves look good too...
the waterfall is perfect,especially the lower part (with vapors and all )
I'm sorry i can't help you :giggle: :(
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That till helps you know. Thank you :)
Sabz0r's avatar
:hug: my pleasure !!
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