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Dungeon corridors flat

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There's a slight draft. It carries a scent reminiscent of caves and basements; wet stone and oil lamps. Your mind is a bit groggy as though you're only half-awake and everything is a bit fuzzy.
Someone's standing up and checks themselves. Pat, pat. Satisfied they take a few steps and you hear them echo through the corridor.
“Another corre-…corra-…thing. Hallway. That way too. And more back there. Lots of hallway.”
They're right. You see only corridors.
And it feels wrong.

My architectural instinct's been itching for a while now and I gave in. I designed a super basic corridor which should be easy to adapt to many different forms and to suit many different encounters for players. Ahhh, life's fun as a Dungeon Master :D
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Nice! Going for a DM now, are you?