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Hey! I totally forgot I had this one lying around! It's Azura from the Elder Scrolls.

I'm playing Skyrim again (not super much though...I've learned time-management since 2011) and I happened upon her statue, which is cool and made me want to draw it. And when looking for reference pictures I also found her design from back in the first game which is very badass and made me change the design mid-drawing to reflect that more.
Fun fact: I made this just before, and unaware of, the eclipse in North America. But her symbols are the sun and the moon: and there's a very obvious way to get both of those in a single image ;)

Made with lotsa photoshop and little sleep.
Self-imposed art brief: powerful goddess, and an intense brightness that will burn the viewers eyes out.

By Azura! By Azura! By Azura!
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autumnprincess Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
You worked out the lighting so well! The avocados helped, or?? :XD:
Really liking the texture of the background, the draping of the fabric looks great and 
her boobs are amazing! :heart: 
Rochnan Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thanks! And sadly, they didn't. I just had to really try to imagine boobies -also, the internet turns out to be a great source for pictures of naked ladies. Who knew? :XD:
Thanks. I Like how this really rough background contrasts with the smoothness and detail on the figure :D Haha, yeah, her boobs are really beautiful (and yet somehow I managed to make them look like they're not wildly unrealistic. I'd say that's because of experience...but that'd be so wrong in so many ways... :XD: )
autumnprincess Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Haha, not surprised to be honest. Boobs are not fruit or vegetables, Joris :P
I have a feeling you could imagine breasts fairly well :XD:
Oh, really?! The interwebs have bewbies?! :O This is brand new information! Evil Anticipation
Yeah! I like that contrast too!
And the boobs do look very real, you managed to give them weight, like, they look natural :clap:
I am sure you've got some experience in that field, yeah =P:XD:  
Rochnan Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Professional General Artist
Haha, but then why call them melons?
Although I have great imagination I still need reference to draw something realistically :XD:
:OtSBH:  The interwebs is full of fascinating things. You should try it! I heard you can also receive electronic messages through it. Although I wonder how legible electrons are -they're so small  Magnifying Glass :wave:  

Yeah, weight is probably the most important thing to remember when drawing them.
My youth was well spent =P
autumnprincess Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I don't think girls came up with that term :XD: 
Ah, fair enough, I guess we all do ^^;

Omg, totally have to check that out :P
Whhaaaaat? Electronic messages? WITCHCRAFT! 
hahaha, punny =P

Very true...I tend to draw push up bras :XD:
Hahah, indeed:smirk: 
Rochnan Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017  Professional General Artist
Haha, I suppose not. Are there any fun euphemisms girls use for them that guys probably don't know about? :P
I also have the search history to match -I'm just happy I don't do concept art for bombs and such :XD:

Yeah! Maybe we should also have a Spanish Inquisition for emails! la-quisitor 

Nothing wrong with push up bras...I'm just happy I don't do much action drawings. Then I'd also have to think about how the mass is affected by the movement, how they compress and bounce...and...errr...I lost my train of thought for a moment there. 
:D rvmp 
autumnprincess Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I...don't think so??? Some girls (allegedly) name theirs, like, actual names :XD:
but, personally, I have not named "my girls" anything =P Pretty sure boys coined the term "fun-bags" too..:lol:  
If you give me a list of the ones you HAVE heard, I can see if there are any more to fill in, haha. 

Oh my, can you imagine.
Having the police knocking on your door every other month like:
"is this still "research" or do we have to arrest you this time?!" :police: revamp 

Hahah! Definitely ^^; :XD:

Other than them being fairly uncomfortable :P
Ugh, yeah, that is something I need to practice... unless I put them all in tight sports-bras, flat chest for the win! :P
haha! Of course you got distracted:staresmirkeyes: would you really be Joris if that didn't make you lose your train of thought? :smirk:  
Rochnan Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2017  Professional General Artist
I've never met a girl who actually named hers (without prompt), as far as I know.
Haha, but...but...that's what they are, right? =P (Unless you have to carry them around all day, at least.)
Errr, okay. I'll  see how many I can think of (in english*): bust, bosom, mammaries, boobs, bewbies, titties, melons, hooters, jugs, balloons, puppies (why...?), bunnies (even worse), rack, jigglies, humps, bouncies, handwarmers, honkers, thingamajigs, milkmakers, pillows, twins, bumpers. I think that's about it. There are undoubtedly more but I'm content at leaving google be.
If they have good wi-fi in the cells I might as well just move in -saves us all the hassle :P I'm also imagining a scene like this.

I can imagine having them squeezed continually isn't much fun :( But I thought that even push-ups could be very comfortable -although they'll probably be expensive if they are.
I'll go with armor in fantasy drawings as rigid armor is much easier :D
Hehehe...just don't use it (them?) against me :XD:

*dutch has some fun ones too like jetsers and batsers... :)
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Auggusst Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I love this!!!!!
Rochnan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thank you :D
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