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B. Adv Sc (Physics) graduate. Masters in Aerospace Engineering. Science educator. Artist. Boxer. Runner.
This has been a pretty hard decision, but one I am also feeling pretty confident in.

Bringing Down the Sky, the Nuzlocke comic I have been working on since 2014, is going to be discontinued.

How will I tidy it off?  Will I leave it as is?
I will finish posting this chapter, and the few pages I have on the next. 
Ideally, I will then write a quick summary of each chapter, along with some sketches, to close it off.

(don't want to read a bunch of words? Skip to the bottom to 'some last words')

Why stop?
A few reasons: 
I'm not enjoying creating it as much anymore. 
I can't do anything with it once it's created. 
I have other projects that are starting to develop. 
I have limited time and need to invest it more specifically in hobbies so that I can actually progress and develop.
And I've gotten out of it exactly what I set out to do.
It's starting to feel like an obligation, which adds stress when I do not meet it, and I'm not about adding more cortisol to my system.  I have enough.

What did aim to accomplish?
I had a few goals.  I wanted to do something over a long time to track my improvement.  I've done this, and the improvement is marked and it is really nice to look back on earlier pages and see just how much better the later ones are.  I like that I have gotten a little better at writing dialogue. I've improved in page layout.  Comic pages don't terrify me anymore haha!
I have also improved in my ability to not fret over making everything on the page perfect.  Fuck up an expression?  That's fine! Not the end of the world.

One of my absolute biggest aims was to also end up with a story that has a beginning, middle and end, makes and then ties up all the loose ends, develops the characters and then sets them free.  And I did actually achieve this.  I have a OneNote document that has all of Bringing Down the Sky planned out, chapter by chapter.  I have notes on plots, sub plots and the like.  I have the conclusion, and repercussions and all of that written down.  So, even without having drawn the comic pages, I have done the thing I set out to do. Which is a really big thing for me, I have never had a story properly planned out, in all my years of writing.  The only thing I never made concrete was the relationships that the characters developed between each other outside of major allegiances, those developed a little more organically when I decided to write the characters with motives and personalities rather than a story pigeon hole that they needed to fill.

I have learned so, so much.  And I am very grateful that I have met people within the Nuzlocke community as well.  I have received excellent critique from other artists, guidance and support as well.

What am I moving on to? What will I do with the extra time?
Some of you may have noticed some more posts for Beyond the Sun, a personal project that I have been developing for a while.  There are elements and characters that I have been developing since I was 16 years old.  This project will be my creative world magnum opus, or so I hope.  It will let me construct a large fantasy world that I can explore through art and writing.  I am not limited to a single time period or culture.  I can just keep building and writing as I go.  Beyond the Sun itself is a particular story that takes place in this world, but I could write about anyone anywhere, and that really excites me.  World building also gives me a lens though which to explore, examine and learn about our own world's geography, history, politics and culture.  Which is sick, because I love learning about this stuff.
Other parts of the extra time will simply be spent pursuing non-essential parts of my career. 

Some last words:
I would like to express my absolute gratitude to those of you who have read my comic, to those of you who commented, to those of you who made fan art.
I appreciate your time, your effort and your consideration.
I will probably still do occasional art of the characters, because they are pretty dear to me at this stage.
As I post up summaries, please still feel free to ask any questions!  Feedback and critique are also appreciated, the good and the bad, all of it will be used to keep improving.

I hope that you continue to enjoy my art projects, regardless if you started following me for my soul silver nuzlocke comic, or not (:



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Christchurch, New Zealand. I'm sorry for the loss of your families and friends.
It's 11pm. I'm sore. I'm tired. Uncomfortable and hot.
But I just got my email confirming I graduated.
I have an aerospace engineering masters now!
Top surgery day!
I'm going to have the breast time haha


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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! ^W^
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i got to the part where geralt finds Ciri and thinks she's dead and he's rocking her and i just fucking died
RocCenere Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Not ashamed of crying there, that was raw. So well done, so much kudos to CD Projekt Red for that level of emotion. Its also just poetic, on that island of the lost with your past closing in on you. So perfect.
grottofied Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
although i have to say, all the shit leading up to it was like "bruh"

like going on the boat and the winged ladies attack you from the side? "bruh"
you go to rescue someone only for them to fall down the rock and break their neck? "bruh"
snow white and the seven dwarves reference? "bruh"
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