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I'm not acting in it. But you can vote for it if you like it!…

This time around, I was signed on with the glorious role of Script Supervisor!

What on earth DOES a scripty DO, exactly?

Well, we have an interesting job. We're in charge of eliminating, or at least reducing, all errors when we shoot.
You know those Movie Mistakes videos that show a character wearing a watch on their left hand, then in the next scene the watch in on their right hand? That's continuity. You know when an actor is smoking a cigarette that was just lit in a scene, and then when you cut to the close-up it's burnt down to a stubb? That's continuity. We're in charge of making sure these things don't happen, or happen as little as possible.

On the side of things you can't see, we're in charge of making sure teh actors say the lines that are actually written down on the script, in the order they're written down, without flubbing or changing dialogue. While some directors love creative improvisation, it's important that the key ideas still get conveyed, and get conveyed consistently if you're switching camera angles in the same scene.

So basically, what I did on this movie, was I wrote down each take, what it was showing, and whether it was good or bad. I wrote down all mistakes or errors, and a few things that the director liked or didn't like, and my notes are then given to the editor once we've shot all of our material to somehow stitch a movie out of all the footage we shot.

Also I got to hang out with an awesome dog.

Enzo, the dog in the movie is a belgian malinois, and he is less of an actor and more of a retired US veteran. He was originally trained by the military as a cell phone sniffing dog, (similar to bomb or drug sniffers, but focused on electronics) but during one of his medical exams, they discovered a small defect on him. Enzo was released from the program and adopted by a loving family, and we were able to work with him using his military training. Let me tell you, when he was commanded to bark and growl, that dog wasn't acting! But when he was commanded to not be on duty, Enzo is a sweetheart and a barrel of energy.

It was amazing to work on this short film, and I hope to bring you guys other stuff soon!
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brutalsunstudio Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
I love it! And what a dog.
annamae22 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016
That's awesome congrates!
ZipDraw Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Script supe's are loved by all editors all around!
B-and-A Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016  Student General Artist
being a script supervisor sounds cool and i rlly liked that you explained what you do :D that was an epic short too. so the man decided to go w/ it in the end? :o 
ya that dog was a cutie :3
TheDM1 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2016
Congratulations that's great ! :) 
Choryunami Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for sharing! I had just finished watching a movie that proved to be absolutely horrible and useless, and I really needed something so witty and cute to bounce back. ^^;
Thanks also for telling us more about the job of a script supervisor! I'm so fascinated by this kind of cinematic backstage! :la:
RobynRose Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016
Basically the script supervisor is like a professional nitpicker.
If Zazoo from the lion king had a job, it would be scripty ;P
Choryunami Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahahah, accurate!!! :rofl:
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