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We've reached the halfway point for entries in the Fat Female Superhero contest. I must say, I am amazed at the support and commentary for such an event. I think that most people have realised that it's not about winning a prize, but about challenging the accepted norms of the industry and creating characters that we want to see represent us.

With such a loose contest structure, accepting any strong female protagonist who defies body conventions, I'm amazed at the diversity that has sprung up in the entries. I didn't want to constrain artists and have them create something that only I define as "fat". It was up to YOU to decide what the word "fat" and "fit" mean.

And really, "fat" is such a curious, loaded word. To many, it is an insult. "You're too fat." But everyone has fat. Some have a little, some have a lot. Some peopel interpreted the "fat female superhero" as someone who is overweight or obese. Some saw her as simply someone who has fat deposits on her body that exist outside her boobs and butt. Others saw the term as a way to defy what movies and magazines constantly tell us: that any size is too much size, whether that be fat or muscle.

Our bodies are all different. Some women have layers of muscle and fat that give them a stocky build and enormous strength. Some have wirey frames and lean muscles for running and jumping. Some are supermodels with long, thin legs and large breasts. Some are tall, some are short, some are unhealthy when thin, some are healthy and fat.

This here is a showcase of all the hard work these artists have put in and a thank you to them for creating imagery that is creative, relatable and fun. I especially want to shout out to all the artists who have never tried drawing a "fat" body before and have pushed themselves out of their comfort zone. Body diversity is fun practice for art, creating unique characters in a much more interesting world. For this contest, it's not so much about technical skill as a desire to create positive change in the comics and media industry.

Don't worry, there's still a month left to go if you're interested in entering.

Contest - A 'Fat' Female Superhero VOTINGHey guys, we're voting now, check out my front page for the latest poll.
I'm a regular reader of Escher Girls, so when I read the latest post this morning, I was deeply concerned. The following post was submitted to Eschergirls and was not made by me. The artist is Selkiesiun

Selkiesiun submitted to Eschergirls:
    "This is not so much a critique post as it is a conformation of how absurd the standards of art in the comic book industry have become.
    I traveled to San Diego Comic Con this year and participated in the portfolio reviews they where holding from Thursday to

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xxl by Biram-Ba Mind over Matter by kaileighblue Contest: A Fat Female Superhero by Origami-Butterfly Flight- Chubby Chibi Superhero by TameTheDragon
Super Smoke Human~! by MaeKat Aquarius by CrowWhoDraws meatball head by Sprkdragon Miss Zatanna Zatara by PaperSquid :thumb315736027:
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The Prof., Gamma Girl and Amnimal by Grapegrandpa :thumb315800046: Psychic Curves by yumi-hikari OC : Goldeneye by LadyNorthstar
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We need more heroes! by Celyanae :thumb316382577: Siren, female superhero by NoNoS :thumb316492066: :thumb316130531:
:thumb316596810: :thumb316653531: The Scarlet Eclipse by Anoch Ada by RubyPheonix
:thumb316666078: Fiera (superheroine contest entry) by bluemoonhippie :thumb316959107: :thumb316928065: :thumb317030612:
Katana Superhero by Talist fat heroine by mariati Plus Size Power Houses by AndyBennett Tiki Rider by cpt-plaid Ma the Biker by cpt-plaid
fat heroine by Jadzzz :thumb317083782: Contest Entry: Lana by cassy1235 :thumb317221936: Slipstream by adelruna
:thumb317275101: Lupa - Fat Superheroine Contest by yondoloki What Wonder Women really looks like by ArtisinmyHeart BBW by FredStesney
:thumb317587771: Unamed Heronine codenamed Powerwoman by Omega-Prime Dark Rose by Akaszik Dryas pinup by AmethystSadachbia Cornucopia by Sunflowers-and-Fox
Ribbon- Contest Entry by unigirl-cloudghost The Forge (superheroine #2) by bluemoonhippie :thumb318078608: Nayrelle by zimagzeravla
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Mature Content

:thumb318292259: :thumb318234294: Tyrranux Universe Wonder Woman by Tyrranux Electra by Anoch Warrior by SkyManateeStudios
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Sersi the Terrible - Eternals by Marker-Mistress GIANTINA THE BRAVE by DANYANTTO :thumb319197416: for the Fat Female Superhero contest by nahrain The Eight-Ball by Dr-Spy
Occult Crimson by RubyPheonix Batgirl by LineBirgitte Pistollette :Contest Entry: by Missvirginia :thumb319517217: :thumb319606145:
HawkGirl by TanyaMyth wonder woman by WhiteWinters Voluptuous Wonder Woman by 1977Shockwolf Princess Tutu by WhiteWinters OC: The Engineer! by pinchback
:thumb320233752: :thumb320735141: :thumb320746210: Big Brown Wolf by DrChrisman
:thumb321547405: Ursa Major by lettergnome :thumb321844495:
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It seems I've missed it, but this is really great! :D I make size positive art on my dA! :D
RAMENmanga-ka's avatar
Hi Kxhara! I was wondering, what the results of this contest were? Thanks and Happy Holidays!
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IlMostroDeiDesideriHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this contest... I hope it's still possible to enter!
here is my work! [link]
WhoppiriusCranium's avatar
WhoppiriusCraniumHobbyist Digital Artist
Well before the deadline ends heres my entry ---[link]
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FredStesney Digital Artist
Another entry, more to the brief... link
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gigglesalotStudent General Artist
I have entered the contest! Here's my entry [link]
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Scorpion1674Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I so want to take part, but I'm afraid I don't have time! Got some great ideas. Hope I get the chance to put them to paper.
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KW-ScottProfessional Traditional Artist
The entries look great... I wish I had the time to enter too.... Maybe next time :D
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VonDiezylHobbyist Traditional Artist
I had so much fun taking part in this contest!! :) And the entries look fantastic!

Also, I think it's pretty clear that you asked us to draw any body shape that is outside the norm (meaning what's in comics/movies/games etc), and that's what we did :) Some could call the drawings I drew "Too Thin", but I always draw my characters the same, much like my own body is built - Big thighs, a bit of muffin roll, defined hips, large-ish breasts. We should all be proud! You created a great contest.
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lettergnomeHobbyist Writer
This is a great contest. I'd love to see more like this pop up everywhere. Beauty and strength comes in all sizes.
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It's interesting to see all of the different definitions of the idea of 'fat'. Some of the entries are still within the 'extraordinarily fit' range, and considered by their creators to be fat.
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I also said that I would allow and encourage bodies that were A) "fat" (whatever that may be) B) "Realistic" or an average girl or C) "Olympic" with muscles that reflect the need for strength and athleticism in superhero-ing.
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I think this should be explained somewhere obvious, it's getting tiresome to hear all those "this is so sad, most of these girls aren't fat" :)
RobynRose's avatar
You can lead a horse to books, but you can't make it read. >_>
GreenSprite's avatar
True, true. I'm just saying, important things bear repeating even more than would be strictly necessary :)

Even this journal entry goes on about how people have different definitions for "fat" (which is true!) but you barely allude to the fact that you also called for normal and muscular body types. So, what a lot of people will take home if they haven't read your original journal too, is that all these girls are supposed to be fat.
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EmmerdHobbyist General Artist
Nice contest but I get sad when I see some of these entries... Those woman are skinny, not fat.
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KulotProfessional Traditional Artist
great looking entries, good concept.
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CathleenTarawhitiProfessional Photographer
Awesome entries! Loving it, great challenge.
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Wow... they all look so beautiful!

(And ever since I drew my superheroin, it's been odd drawing sterotypically-anime skinny girls... weird huh?)

So many to choose from I love them all!
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SailorSun546Hobbyist General Artist
They're all so beautiful! I'm so glad you organized this contest, it really puts a big smile on my face. :)
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Thank you for organizing this contest. I've read maybe a month ago about the whole "Sports Illustrated perfect women" thing and it was rather infuriating. Anorexic plastic surgery poster children are as perfect as that starving dog exhibition in Costa Rica -.-
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Odomi2Professional Traditional Artist
Ill paint the most beautifull and uncommon girl ever...
or at least try it out
very good contest
DarkX1122's avatar
I don't have one I could submit, but the cast of my upcoming story has been broadened by this idea.
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This is very much the brief I gave myself when I came up with my signature character Amy Donohue [link] she started as a female alter-ego of me as a superhero, but I had this rule that as I'm the opposite of thin, she had to have issues with her weight. I imagined her about to take a bite out of a burger, hearing some trouble with super hearing, having to drop her burger but being back before it hits the ground. :lol:

Over the years she has evolved past initial creation idea, and finds herself showing up as the every-girl in my various galleries and universes; in my Star Trek fan universe, a fantasy universe a Sci-Fi, and a modern contemporary one, where she's fallen for another character of mine inspired from Rihanna, which has gotten to the point where they have there own folder. [link] :D
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