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Tom Hiddleston Quilt
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Published: November 3, 2017
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I figured I may as well post this now.

This is what I made back in 2012/13
Yes, that was the year that my life fell apart. It was the year that I was finishing university, and I got sick, and my mom also got sick and nearly died, and my dog did die and also my parents got divorced.
This was a real year of my life and my main accomplishment is that I got through it.
So my way of staying sane during that time was sewing tiny bits of fabric into Tom Hiddleston's face.

This is a quilt of 40,000 1/2-inch squares set 200x200
It's made from about 150 different swtaches of fabric.
I also hand-stamped the background of the quilt with my favourite Shakespeare quotes in a pattern that also reads with a secret code.

Please enjoy this very weird labour of love from about 5 years ago.

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GLoRToR| General Artist
This is LOWKEY the best quilt I've seen. Pun intended.
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robert-kim-karen|Hobbyist Photographer
This is beyond description. An absolutely amazing work of art and craftsmanship.
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Charlene-Art|Hobbyist General Artist
That is absolutely amazing! Fine detail!.
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SiraeArtisan|Professional Digital Artist
This is amazing! :D Tom Hiddleston is one of my favourite actors, on-and off-screen. :) Also, in response to other comments, 1) I also live in Vancouver! :D 2) Do you have any tips on starting your first novel, or novel-length writing piece? I have a story idea I'm slowly working on, and I think it wants to be a book xD I'm doing character designs for it, as well. Thanks!
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RobynRose's avatar
There seems to be two general trains of thought when writing - "pantsers" aka people who "fly by the seat of their pants" and improvise a story, not knowing where it will go and letting the story sweep them away.
Then there are planners. I consider myself to be a planner, with some spontaneity if a good idea hits me.

So, writing my second novel-length piece of fiction and my short stories, I generally have a very solid idea of how I want it to end. A major moment, a major reveal, a big climax, everything leads up until that point. So once you're solid on the big bang, I work backwards from there.

So, the "big bang" would be, say, the enemy's secret base exploding in an action movie.
How did we get there?
Well, the protagonist set the dynamite?
How did we get there?
well, the protagonist snuck in from the secret entrance
How did we get there?
The protagonist is a spy who trained for years in espionage.
How did we get there?
The protagonist's parents died and they yearn for a way to get revenge

I mean, that's a stereotypical story, but I like to plan things backwards in a logical procession. I find it much easier to ask "how did we get here" than to ask "what happens next".
Once you have an outline, and your outline CAN AND WILL CHANGE!! you can set about writing yoru first draft.

I don't even write my stories in chronological order. Don't bother starting with the protagonist waking up and eating breakfast. If the scenes that are most interesting and clearest in your mind are not the beginning or the end, don't worry. Just write those first. Be more concerned with writing interesting things than chronological ones. You will edit later.

Once you've assembled enough scenes and filled out your outline, you can edit. Remove scenes that are boring and pointless. Add scenes where you need more information and background. Add and remove as necessary to produce a nice product.

Noval-length stories are living, breathing things, not something you start at the beginnign and end at the end. I find myself going abck and forth, re-reading old work to see if it matches up, or skipping to the end to polish up the dialogue or add in a reference or joke I made at the beginning.

uh, hope that helps?
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SiraeArtisan|Professional Digital Artist
I think it helps! Thank you :D I've heard about the "jumping back and forth" thing from other people who write, and it makes sense. When I draw, I might have a general idea of what I'll want something to look like, but once I start it's like LOL WHAT IS HAPPENING xD Then it's scribbling, erasing, changing colours, and drinking copious amounts of coffee until it's done :3 I will keep your tips in mind going forward. Thanks again!
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DrAgOnSfLy006's avatar
DrAgOnSfLy006|Hobbyist General Artist
Just wow! I'm sort of revisiting and finding back to my own art. I loved your clues and stocks before. They helped me greatly. Made you made back then is amazing! It is the truth that pattern building is something humans do to make sense of the world. Thank you for sharing the art and your emotions to us.
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FANGIRLinREALITY|Hobbyist General Artist
And I thought I was a pretty sever fan

This is actually the coolest thing I've seen on DA, or any art site, or any flat-out site, for that matter. That is frickin' cool.
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FireBlade33|Hobbyist General Artist
This looks great! I really hope your life is better now! :)
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Fefe1414's avatar
Fefe1414| Digital Artist
Wow! This is incredible!!!!
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BellaGBear's avatar
BellaGBear|Student Artisan Crafter
Damn that's an impressive piece of work :heart: . I hope you feel better now though :hug:
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TheDM1's avatar
Tom was pretty freaking awesome as Loki in the Avengers (the only thing I've seen him in to be honest too time challenged to see his other work which is a shame )  ... this is a wonderful tribute to him :) 

Really sorry to hear about 2012-2013   :(   ... I hope things are going well for you as an actor/writer now  :) 

Keep us posted - literally  :) ... you have a large fan base here on DA and we're all rooting for you (and interested in knowing how you are doing as the years and months go by :)  ) ... 
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RobynRose's avatar
I write a lot now ^^

I'm working on finishing my second novel-length piece, and I've done several fanzines for fun.
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pollypatches's avatar
pollypatches|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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KatysCornerTx's avatar
KatysCornerTx|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This quilt is both parts crazy and awesome.  It looks great!  I'm sending a link of it to a friend who happens to be a fan.  I'm glad making it helped you through a difficult time.
I've been reading some of the comments and have to say that hand quilting is the way to go with this.  It is too fine to subject to the uncaring touch of another's machine.  It wouldn't be too difficult to hand quilt (but it would be time consuming).  I can only say this since I did it for a twin sized quilt.  And, with this one, I think it would be better to skip batting.  To help the backing stay in place, there are spray on bastings (I haven't used them yet).  
I just realized that your quilt is taller than the ceilings where I live.  XD
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RebekahKroeplin's avatar
RebekahKroeplin|Student Filmographer
This is awesome!  I can't believe you did this!
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chryssalids's avatar
this is insanely impressive and not a kind of form of art i've personally ever seen before-- at least not, like, with quiltwork

can i ask if you had any sort of inspiration from another artist? do you often do quilt/fiber related projects?

hope all is well in your life now!
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RobynRose's avatar
Inspiration from another artist? No, not really. But in my early teen years I was very much into pixel art and digital dolls, so working on a square-by-square basis has always been pretty comfortable to me and a logical leap from the computer screen to IRL. Both interests sort of collided when I was getting my fashion design degree and working in a quilt shop, lol.
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chryssalids's avatar
oh nice! i definitely got the pixel feel from it and it's really interesting to see it in a textile, less... modern form of art, for lack of a better phrase? thanks for replying!
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BLACKBOMBERWOMAN|Professional Interface Designer
this is patience in blossom O.O!!!!!!!!
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RobynRose's avatar
Thanks! I wish this taught me some sort of life lesson. I think I'm still pretty impatient day to day, lol.
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Shandra78|Hobbyist General Artist
That is a stunning work of art, and an admirable way to deal with stress.
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RobynRose's avatar
Thank you! (hey, my life may have been in shambles, but at least I got a quilt out of it!)
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Ric-Portier|Professional General Artist
Awesome... this thing must be huge btw... WOW!
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