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Starboy: A Voltron Legendary Defender Charity Zine by RobynRose Starboy: A Voltron Legendary Defender Charity Zine by RobynRose

Preorders for Starboy: an Unofficial Lance Zine are now closed!

We sold 375 copies and raised $4497.76 for Direct Relief!

Lance gets lost on alien planets, pilots a Jaeger, reincarnates through history, bonds with the Blue Lion, takes care of children, remembers his family, realizes his place on team Voltron, and much more. Lance is full of story potential; experience all of his adventures in this beautiful 128-page illustrated fanfic anthology!

The zine is 6″ x 9" and contains 33,000+ words and 50+ illustrations.  The available merch consists of four postcards (single-sided prints), two double-sided bookmarks, two sticker sheets, and two acrylic charms.  Our 20 writers, 20 zine artists, and 8 merch artists are listed under the readmore.

Zine Artists & Zine Writers (listed in left-to-right order of snippets):

@agent-octopus​ ※ Ewagan
@babypears@autisticvoltronld [5557]

carnsten ※ @dipuc
crowzep@king-lotor [RayLou]
@darc-la-farse@maternalcube [eugyne]
@dreamwips@pretty-princess-eren [SouthernBird]

loomsy ※ Renommus
looveel-realm ※ @mandooowwn​ [DumpsterDiva]
@louscribbles@itsdetachable [Hollo]
@pitchgold​※ @queen-gr [GemmaRose]

@sienaries​ ※ @fairylaughing
@sillypeppers​ ※ satalderihannsu
bakaandie @queenmogar117​ [TheQueen]

Postcards: @pitchgold​, Joker-Ace
Charms: cinnieminni, @vanienne
Bookmarks: @lavenderdreamer13​, xNighten
Stickers: NUUKY​, @s-enja

Cover: @madidrawsthings

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Eeni Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Professional General Artist
OMG! Are you guys doing any other zines with any of the other characters!?!?!?
RobynRose Featured By Owner Edited Jul 23, 2017
I am currently writing for 6 other zines, though they are not being produced by the same mods. - Doing a story about Keith in a Game of Thrones sci-fi style - A story about Allura's grief after losing her family and going back to her home planet
hunk-appreciation-zine.tumblr.… - A story about appreciating Hunk from keith's perspective. Knives are involved. - I was given a 500 WC limit for this zine, so I chose to write a sonnet for each paladin - I wrote a short comedy story about three intertwining plotlines that eventually converge during garrison days (the Voltron horror zine is 18+) - Pidge discovers exactly where the castle of Lions is flying... and how bad their situation really is.

I've applied for or am applying for

It's been a lot of fun producing semi-professional work and seeing the results finally come together. I plan to take my experiences from writing for the Voltron fandom into my original sci-fi work next.
Eeni Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2017  Professional General Artist
Oh wow! You have been busy! I am going through these to see what else is out there ^_^
RobynRose Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017
Oh! Are you looking to purchase zines or apply for them?
Eeni Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017  Professional General Artist
To apply to one... I kinnda want to do a Pidge one.
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