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Sitting Stock Pack 3 by RobynRose Sitting Stock Pack 3 by RobynRose
Filling a suggestion submitted a long time ago. Sitting / leaning against a wall. Contemplating or feeling alone.
Note: Due to harassment on my previous stock pack, comments on this pack have been disabled.

When commenting, I really only have one rule. Don't comment on my body. Don't call me pretty. Don't call me beautiful. Don't call me sexy. Don't call me ugly. Don't call me thin/fat/perfect/horrible/whatever you think I am.

I have enabled critiques of this deviation for those who wish to give me well-thought feedback. (though I still discourage comments about my body / looks, my photography, lighting and general usefulness of the images are fair game)

I think it's also important to make a point of my stomach in those pictures. I don't photoshop my images. Those rolls are really there, even on a skinny person. I am also not "sucking in my gut" and trying to pose for these photos, because in-character, why would you? A character who is alone doesn't need to pose for anyone. They are relaxed and hold their body as they would want. With a pose like this, women's bodies are often photoshopped to look smooth giving viewers the impression that this is how it should be, when that is not necessarily true. This is real life you are looking at, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Please read my rules on my profile page before downloading or using my stock.
By downloading and using my stock, you agree to follow my rules.

- Hand stock with gloves
- looking over the should turning degrees
- Stock photos on a bike
- climbing up a ladder
- expressions with the eyes closed
- poses with arrows and a quiver
- dramatic lighting with facial expressions
- Throwing poses (pokeball)
- Sleeping photos with pillows and blankets
- leaning against a wall, various poses
- Guns / holding a gun
- Let's draw falling from the front
- left-handed archery
- sitting / kneeling poses
- twin light sources
- slouched over a desk
- kneeling / crouching
- perspective from below, running, kicking, leaning casually
- unarmed combat
- crossbow
- Swinging on a swing (with a flat seat, not a round seat)
- Floating poses, but with a sword / staff / shield like an guardian or archangel.
- boxing
* casual poses, walking, eating, talking, passing
- Presenting something ala Vanna in Wheel of Fortune (low, medium and high)
- hands, feet, gun poses
- Emotions from different angles

Critique by 1KittyKat13 Sep 13, 2012, 6:08:25 PM
First off, I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of your stock images. You are really awesome. C:
Onwards now. The fact that these are realistic poses makes it much more useful. By realistic I mean these aren't strange poses you use never and that they are poses I have seen, done, and been in.
The lighting is good, not too bright so you can imagine other lighting angles fairly easily.
It's really excellent that you actually went into a corner and against the walls for these shots. Some people try to replicate poses like these in the middle of a room and it looks awkward and strained rather than relaxed like this.
I really love the fact that while the shots have emotion, it isn't so extreme you can't see the pose in any other mood. Plus, it's awesome you have so many good poses in here.

In summary, these shots are useful, realistic, have good lighting, have emotion but not too much, and are a very often used range of photos. Excellent job. Good luck on any further stock you do. You are doing amazing. c:

On suggestion, maybe your next set could be some poses similar to these (maybe a little simpler) but at different angles. Like from the view of the floor or around the height and angle of a person looking down at you. These could be interesting and very useful for people drawing comics or interaction between characters.
What do you think?
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First of all, thank you, the variety of stock you post is really helpful
The poses are beautiful, graceful yet realistic, which is something an artist (or at least me) looks for. Also, I really appreciate the fact that you also make the expressions for each pose, allowing the artist to imagine even further, making the stock more dynamic and giving the opportunity to even mix the expressions and poses :) You make stock art, the way you dedicate for each pose is something very unique.
Also, nice room, I'm happy you finally managed to improve it.
P.S. sorry for the poor english, it's not my first language
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
94 out of 97 deviants thought this was fair.

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