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Realistic Crying
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Published: January 23, 2014
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I had a very shallow DOF to work with.

I noticed that with a lot of crying reference the face is either hidden by hands, or the facial expressions are flat with fake tears sprinkled on.
This is real crying with real tears.

I also wanted to mention that we have a whole section of stock video that seems to have gathered dust over the years.
Check out the stock video gallery here: www.deviantart.com/resources/f…
For the fullest resolution, select the download button in the upper right corner.
You are welcome to use this as reference for drawing or animation
Please do NOT use the actual footage for projects (music videos, etc)
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Ooooh! My heart`s just broken to pieces!!! :( (mentally embrace sadhug )
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SerenaDreamHobbyist General Artist
Nice acting! It isn't easy to find stock pictures of people crying. I was wondering, do you have any tips on how to fake cry?
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There are multiple aspects to crying, including the body movements and emotional investment as well as actual tear production. (Interestingly enough, a lot of today's movie stars don't actually cry in their big scenes, their tears are usually CGI'd in) For some people however, they can conjure up a memory or sensory profile enough to cry from that.
For all others...

Rub a tiny amount of vics vaporub under your eyes. ;) the vapor will irritate your tear ducts enough to cause crying.
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pride73Student Artist
aww plz dont cry again :)
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jyongyiHobbyist General Artist
Oh thank god you made a video reference of what actual crying looks like, I despaired of finding a reference that isn't overly exaggerated or covered by hands. In fact there were times I was so desperate that I screw my face in front of the mirror and pinched myself to get the teary eye and pained look but it definitely cannot compare to actual bawling. Thank you so much for the reference!
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SilversmiceeHobbyist General Artist
Sigh woe is me 
I feel this moment
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MillitrixStudent General Artist
Just something about watching you force yourself to cry makes me cringe! 

Great work, nonetheless!
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Did it seem fake or unrealistic to you? (just curious)
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MillitrixStudent General Artist
I mean, to be honest, it did look a bit forced ... What you were portraying was a kind of hysterical crying, I guess you could say.

Like, especially in the beginning when your eyes get wide for a second, you can really tell you're trying to force the tears. 

I'm an actor-in-training right now, so critiquing on these kinds of things is a pleasure. Lol. 

I could give more critique, but I feel bad. xD Lol. No harsh feelings intended, though! ;v; It still looks pretty good!
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OhlleenProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for the all the great artistic performance and photos references you have done so far !
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You're very welcome! As I become a better actor, I also become a better reference provider :)
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VivanSolemStudent General Artist
Amazing reference!
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LazerNartHobbyist Digital Artist
Intense staring.
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BirdsistersStock Photographer
This is such great stock! I had never thought of making video references before, that is a great idea! 
Great acting too, I had to stop watching because it was making me sad. Guess I'm a little sensitive :D

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AyiorProfessional Filmographer
I'm just imagining how you came to the creation of this "oh! I'm sad! Gotta make a stock video of realistic crying!"
(actually I did something similar once... Oh! I've got a flesh wound! Must make flesh wound reference" XD )
Thank you for this!
SCOTTYVENGEANCEHobbyist Filmographer
I just wanna give you the biggest hug ever right now lol
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bless you for this
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KurtBrugelProfessional Traditional Artist
very powerful. very courageous. thank you :)
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danitiwaHobbyist General Artist
This is a bit of an artistic piece in itself, I kept expecting real tears... It's screwing with my head haha. Really useful and great reference as usual though, Kxhara.
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KeanKennedy General Artist
Awesome :thumbsup:
There was a thread on (I think) reddit recently, about 'things women do and don't talk about' and apart from all the grossness, somebody mentioned "looking in the mirror when weeping to see if you cry prettily".
Honestly, if I saw my idiot face crying I think I'd start laughing. :lmao: Not trying to say anything, it's just this reminded me of that thing. ;P
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KwesiXStudent Traditional Artist
Amen Thank God For you great job i can't believe i'm so happy for your tears :D lol thanks again we, beginners, are grateful
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DarkSelfieStudent Filmographer
I guess you took down your poses with the bow and arrow? Luckily I saved it. hmm 
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AnimeReunionHobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope you didn't get punch in the gut to make you cry.......
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