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Head Turnaround - Top to Bottom


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Continuing the series as requested, heads top to bottom.
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These are awesome but the thing is you really can't see the surfaces on the face in this type of lightning so you can't really study from these unless you're doing some tracings.I would recommend you using a strong light from the side and alternate very low light from the other side .This way we can see all the surfaces and and shades and thus have a more correct image of the head and or body which is ideal for study purposes.
But thanks for making this the effort to help others.And I hope I did not offend you with this.
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It is wonderful to see useful stock photos available for use on the internet. Since the reference material is focus more on the features, it should be used for drawing the features at different perspectives and distance from each other.

A few of the pictures do not match the centre line of the model's face, and may confuse some, but it also allows the viewer to see the shape of the face better. The facial expression gives a good sense of lightness or joy in the eyes.

The pictures has a lack of shadows that may cause some to be unable to identify the facial shapes from the cheekbones to the mouth, and also on the forehead. If the photos are available for download you can adjust the contrast and settings in photoshop to get a better sense of the shapes. Meaning the lack of shadows isn't a huge issue for the motivated.

I would suggest the viewer to copy a human skull and compare it to the model's face to understand the head better. Kxhara I do enjoy your work and reference materials. Please keep up the good work.
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This can be critiqued in two manners.

1. as art itself
2. as a reference tool (which is art but we look at intention)

1. as art I find this interesting. I like how the dark hair is dominant in the upper images and it transitions toward minimal....BUT the grey of the deep background takes up the prominence. Transition then is what seems most emphasized by the artist. Both an arc forms in the repition of the head and the slight motion as it wavers and goes to the right.

As a statement is transitions, I find it exciting that diferent elements change in prominence. It is an intriguing example of time. Many other artists are exploring this theme and the artist has alot ahead to explore i think. This is but one in a series and handled a little lightly, tongue in cheek.

2. as a tool for reference it is only fair. It generaly lacks strong lighting. Light is what we are drawing. Alot of these poses make themselves so neutral in these things as to soften the shapes and volumes with overly generalised lighting. I visit the artists pages and see some interesting pose BUT, I dont do it because of all the work I would need to do to deepen shadows and drama in the lighting.

Of course if the artist added dramatic lighting someone else would complain its from the right and i need it left or top or whatever.

In the above set, the last image is strange and useful. It is split in half so I could make use of a grey or visualize as light. Both are apparent and the neck finaly has a shadow that offers a shape....and a nice shape. A complicated shadow with a core on the chin and an shadow accent where the trachea drops down and away.

Four distinct light levels: hair; lit skin; lit midground and last dark background

I split the ratings because different intentions were better or worse in the resolution.
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People have really got to be more creative when using reference photos, too many want it to be perfect so that they don't change a thing and well...that's just boring.

You could EASILY adjust these references in black and white, and play with the curves/brightness&contrast to understand the real tonal values of the light and shadows.
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And people can take their own photo so its all their own to start with.

Kxhara images are convenient and great exersizes. It takes a great deal of effort to use these as original creative ideas. This critique was well recieved by the artist and she was extremely responsive. She quickly posted images of greater drama for those more inclined towards Grander, Involving challenges.
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I like your comment and respect your opinion, I just wanted to write why I disagree on it being only fair as a tool of reference. In my opinion this is one of the most useful series I've seen for 2D animators and such, myself included (I'm just going to have to do a traditional animation of a person lifting up a head, actually, so I know I'll be looking up at this piece a lot).

The fact that the light is neutral is what actually makes it even more useful - it helps to see how the proportions and "lines" change. Very useful in drawing linework. I think a face / angle reference with varied, strong light would be just as useful, but it should be a different piece. This one is great and very useful just as it is. At least for me. I love it! :)
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You bring up a good point. As well, I definitely respect Ribeyed's opinion, and believe it holds value.

But as he and you have said, there are different "markets" for stock, and not all stock is useful for all people.

people like myself and Sakky do body-work in very little clothing because we focus heavily on anatomy and pose. Wheras stockers liek Elandria focus on photography and photoshop as their basis for stock. You couldn't learn much about anatomy from Elandra's photos because she is almost always wearing a heavy gown, but that's not the purpose of her stock.

So, I guess it's up to each artist to take what they will from my work. That is not to say that it cannot be improved in any way, but that you have to consider who it is intended for / most helpful to when giving suggestions. Adding or changing one thing (lighting, adding a costume, make-up, etc) may actually make it less helpful to someone else who is using it for a different purpose.

I'm not really for or against anything here, just wanted to say. :P
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Yes, exactly what I meant. Although you put it in better words. I think basically you're doing great stock for people like me, that once in a while want to study a reference for linework / painting, while many people look for stock that is just pure, well, stock material, ready to use as a whole in photomanipulations. I find both kinds of stock useful as reference, but I prefer your kind (clean photos, no strong light) when I need a good anatomy / pose reference. Yours is perfect for that because of the quality (even though I never directly copy any stock).

And I agree that *Ribeyedsmile is a good critique, just wanted to add my two cents that it can be great material for other people and different purposes ;)

(Sorry for babbling so much, I'm always afraid that when I add my point of view just for the fun of discussion, some people will think I try to argue, when I'm not. It's just fun to talk once in a while).
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If you watch close encounters of the third kind, everyone is obsessed with a common theme. A mountain is depicted as paint and sculture.

this wouldnt matter much except at one point drefuss (main char) tell people to go a certain way on the mountain because he understands it from sculpting while the painter openly says they never imagined the route in the paintings.

We definitly see the samething with diferent purpose and the artist has their purpose as well.

A critique should try to see the artists odjective.

For me, I want strong light and shadow to reveal the volume of forms.

Thanx for reading, submitting and participating :D
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Oh, P.S. I will try to do some strong lighting shots at night with my lightbulbs :D
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Oh please do! As an artist, these are useful but it's true that strong lighting highlights structure and muscles more than diffused, which IMO is better for anatomy study, but the work you've done alread is above and beyond!

And if someone complains they need it from the right instead of the left they should just mirror the image, omg lol
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I used this as a reference, for an art class. I posted the assignment on Artstation.…
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Thank you very much for making this. I've been looking for more material for seeing the human head from multiple angles. This makes for a most useful addition.
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Using this to study head angles! Thank you for all you the work!
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I used this stock as reference to try and learn more about how the head looks at different angles. The hair curl helped me proportion things, so that was a nice touch :D
Sorry that I didn't quite get your face right.
Anatomy Studies: Head Tilt 1 by theashendawn
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Thanks so much for this! I used it as reference here: I was the underdog... 
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Ur so pretty, I look like a potato TT-T)
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I've been looking for a gradual face angle change stock for awhile. I need a good reference for a project I'm working on. Purchased. Thanks!
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Your reference material is amazing, plus you're SO DARN BEAUTIFUL!!! You make women in Hollywood look ugly, mademoiselle.
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Thanks a lot for this stock, used it for a painting of mine…
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Thank you very much! I've used one of the pictures and I hope you like it.… )
If you do not like it, and want me to delete it (take it off deviantart etc.), you can always tell me. I'll take it off immediately. 
Thanks again!
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Thank you very much. This will be helpful
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Thank you very helpful!
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Thank you! It's so hard to find good head reference!
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