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Head Turnaround - 360 Backlighting

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I looked at this and immediately thought: "Prometheus"

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I've used your images to practice drawing for several years. I'm finally taking an animation course in college, and I thought of your stock as a natural resource.

Thank you for creating such an awesome body of work.

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This is diferent again. Where prior deviations achieved the simple task of presenting a well lit figure, this deviation sets up an artful & mindful representaion.

This atmosphere is inspiring. I love the full range of value. Whats more, the values have a place. there is a specific deep value shaping the hair and facial feature. There is a lighter value only occuring on the bra. A value diferent again occurs for the fleshtone shadows.

and then

Pop....that hot spot chiseling out the features. This is a style. This is a way to tell the story...almost creatint myth to spread out over 12 images and unify them.

As a figure study tool... it exceeds the requirements to the point of challenging the student to literaly draw the air around the figure.

Excellent deviation

This can only expand the choices the artist can make in representing the human form for study....And I still see room for improvement in the technical aspect of photography.

I am no photographer and i leave that crit to my peers.

5 stars all but technique which gets 4
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Do you have anymore 360 head turnarounds that are at a good angle and are normal lit?
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Yasss! I need this ref so badly!!
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 I purchased ! thanks you for your great work :)
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very useful, thank you!
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Just purchased this and your lighting angles turnaround.  I look forward to using them for practice.
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Used for lighting reference here:…

Thank you! 
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This is such a great stock! I used it as a pose reference here:…
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thanks for the stock! used it as a reference for the lighting here:…
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if one has to purchase these pictures to see them in full resolution, please, make sure the resolution is big enough so one can actually use them as reference... and separate pictures would be better, too. 
I needed a turnaround reference and am very disappointed by these. Pictures are too small to see the details, the head is not on the same level in each picture etc.. :(
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-3- Once again, the exact thing I need isn't a drawing, but a stock. Guess I could try turning it into a drawing, if that's ok...
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I love your lighting stocks, they're so helpful.
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Hi, I'm using your photosets as references for watercolor practice,
FabianCobos's avatar
your stock provide great help studiying light over the human body, Thanks!
I'm still doing more exercices based in your photos, :D
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Excellent, this will be a great help. Thank you!
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I used one of the pictures as reference for a study: [link]. Thank you!
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May I use this as a model for a 3D animation in autodesk maya? :) It's an experiment and since you have all these pictures, it's perfect!
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sure, I'd love to see what you make. Just be sure to read my rules and credit me. :)
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Used here: [link]

Thanks so much for the great stock!
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hello! Love the lighting in this one!
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This is so ridiculously helpful!!

I kind of want to paint you! :D
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Do it! Practice!
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