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Glasses Stock pack 1

This pack contains 20 pictures of wearing glasses from various angles.

Yes, those are 3D glasses with the lenses popped out.
The red glasses have no lenses as well.
The bottom glasses are my own every day glasses.

Please do not make comments about my body, good or bad.
Please read my rules on my profile page before downloading or using my stock.
By using my stock, you agree to follow my rules.

- Hand stock with gloves
- looking over the should turning degrees
- Stock photos on a bike
- climbing up a ladder
- expressions with the eyes closed
- poses with arrows and a quiver
- dramatic lighting with facial expressions
- Throwing poses (pokeball)
- Sleeping photos with pillows and blankets
- leaning against a wall, various poses
- Guns / holding a gun
- Let's draw falling from the front
- left-handed archery
- sitting / kneeling poses
- twin light sources
- slouched over a desk
- kneeling / crouching
- perspective from below, running, kicking, leaning casually
- unarmed combat
- crossbow
- Swinging on a swing (with a flat seat, not a round seat)
- Floating poses, but with a sword / staff / shield like an guardian or archangel.
- boxing
* casual poses, walking, eating, talking, passing
- Presenting something ala Vanna in Wheel of Fortune (low, medium and high)
- hands, feet, gun poses
- Emotions from different angles

© 2012 - 2021 RobynRose
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Thanks for posting. This was used in Vortex:thanks:

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Thank you so much.
Very informative and very well done.
Thanks again
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I used this for reference here: Abby Sanders progress
Thanks so much!
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A few of my characters wear glasses and this is very helpful with the positioning of the glasses on the face. Thank you!!
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OMG this is so helpful
Thank u!
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Great stocks, thnx :D
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I use this stock in my blog for a drawing practice.
here is the link…
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Wow! This looks most helpful!
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As always, your stocks are just amazing - and as someone who does a lot of photo manipulations, I wanted to point out that I love that you don't try to go for stylized angles or fancy effects.

Used here: [link]
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This will be useful! Thanks.
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Thanks a lot for making this. It seems a but hard to find glasses stock on here (Unless I've epically failed at trying to find some). This will be helpful.
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So helpful, thank you :)
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you are amazing! this makes things a lot easier!
Wow. I gotta say she is like really pretty.
LaRaeXandXNinjas's avatar
Hey i used one of these pic as a reference :) [link]

Your pics are awesome!
Thank you I used your stock here [link]
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I have chosen these wonderful stock images to be in my journal
"The Big Stock Pack Feature"
You can explore it here.[link]
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Thank you! I've always had a hard time drawing people with glasses
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This is awesome! Thank you so much for making these, I can finally practice my OC in different positions. His glasses were giving me a headache XD
Neverward's avatar
I adore these 8D I'm a huge fan of glasses-wearing characters, and even more a fan of glasses-wearing individuals ;)

(In addition, I'm sad that you have to add a disclaimer about comments about your body D: You are beautiful, and your stock is purely for the sake of reference, but nonetheless, such a shameless flaunting of one's emotions and self in front of a camera can be nothing but most soundly commended ;) I appreciate your stock so much.)
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Thank you so much for uploading this. Your stock is always so helpful for practicing figure drawing, and I need practice with profiles and glasses anyway. Thanks!
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