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Doing The Lord's Work
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Published: September 9, 2014
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A Jehovah's Witness helps tourists with directions.
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incognitonegroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great picture, and a perfect illustration as to the hypocrisy of so called "Christians" who's focus is on superficial appearances of righteousness while the world crumbles around them.
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theblacklotus92Professional Digital Artist
I know this says chinatown station but i have no clue on the exact location of this spot XD Anyway as a Jehovah's Witness this image makes me happy cuz for me it means that people like you see us and notice us. A lot of misunderstanding is placed on us and sadly some people think they can just google us up and be Jehovah's Witnesses experts on what we believe in and what we talk about to others. The reason we post up tables at stations like these or go door to door as we are most famous for is because we believe that the preaching work is a commission from Jehovah (God) that his son Jesus started when he was on earth. Matthew 24:14. We don't do this to sell you anything, nor are we being paid to do this preaching work that we have nearly reached almost all over the world. We do this for the love of God and for the love of our fellow man. I wish i can stay and tell you (anyone who sees this, not just Robyn) everything about our beliefs but instead you can go to our website: which has simple info accessible to anyone in any language. (So if you can't understand english too good you can translate the page to your own language). Along with vids and music that we sing at the Kingdom Hall. For all who are not fimiliar with these people please take the time to visit the website whenever you can. All info is free to download or listen to from the site and will be updated every month. there is also for your enjoyment as well. Im afraid this comment has become a bit long winded and i apologize for that, but I just wanted to say something.
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Sakiko21Hobbyist General Artist
This picture is going to cause a great amount of arguments. 
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MidNightRain88Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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ObsidianKaeskenHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I don't understand this piece but I'm also not religious so artistically, I have no idea what this picture is supposed to represent..  Nor why everyone is so pissed off by it.  =/
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Sakiko21Hobbyist General Artist
Sadly. People have a bad habit of putting things into category and finding offense in many pointless things. 
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Echo-ACHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know this station! Never knew you lived close by!
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just out of curiosity, did you help the homeless man?
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I've helped many homeless people, and in multiple countries as well. Unfortunately I cannot help every homeless person out there, but I do what I can.
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Him specifically, no. I have an allowable budget for personal charity and it's not much. I also prioritize queer homeless youth and homeless pregnant women. I'd already spent my budget just previously on a young prenant woman. I walk all over downtown, and I try to spread my charity out. But obviously I'm not an institution, so I can only afford a few dollars here and there. There will always be more need, and I can't help everyone out of my own pocket.
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LadyKamlingHobbyist General Artist
This scene is a sad one. I, myself, am a christian, Pentecostal to be more specific. I was raised in the church, my grandfather the pastor, my father the associate pastor, and we came across this often, even in our small town where I live. We never looked away or just passed them by or ignored their presence. I often witnessed the kindness, love, and generosity that my parents and grandparents showed these people in need. Most of the time my father would drive to the nearest hamburger joint and order a large meal then drive back around to give it to the person. Other times if we had money on hand or extra food or water we'd give it to them. I can not speak for any other denominations but as for my upbringing I would have given this man a meal and whatever aid I could if I was able. Not saying that the Witness' haven't done so, just stating my opinion. 
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Are you seriously ? Are you Christian ? Shame on you for not knowing God's name.
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LadyKamlingHobbyist General Artist
What do you mean by "not knowing God's name"?
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Forgive me for my English.. I mean if you are Christian then do you know real know God's name ?

Do you celebrate Birthday, Christmas, and Easter ? Because those are pagans according to the bible. 
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LadyKamlingHobbyist General Artist
we do but I fail to see your point. 
azoreseuropa's avatar
No, I fall to see your point because being a Christian without knowledge the bible about God and his son is not a Christian. For those celebrate clearly point to the bible that they are the pagan and a false prophets. It did explain why very clearly God is against those practice of pagan celebrations.
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LadyKamlingHobbyist General Artist
You do understand that you are talking to someone raised in the church, has family members who are ministers, reads the bible and does pray on a regular basis. I have never seen anywhere in the bible that says that these holidays are pagan. We know that they were pagan at one time, such as the winter solstice, and the church leaders desired to turn people from these pagan traditions and so turned them into a christian holiday. Much like how here in America we celebrate Halloween, the most evil and heinous of holidays, but not so for my congregation. Instead we have renamed it 'Harvest Day' and we celebrate the evening with good clean fun, food and games. We do this to not only celebrate the end of the harvest (we live in a farming area) but to also combat the evil that takes place outside of the church walls. Were there any other things you were interested in discussing?
azoreseuropa's avatar
Yes, I do understand. I am trying to help you see the truth.

Did you know that John the Baptist died under King hero's daughter birthday party ? Other king also celebrated birthday party killing innocent people and put their heads on the stake for birds to eat ?

Evidently, in the bible record, nothing mention about Jesus's birthday party and even Xmas on 25th at all. Halloween is an evil pagan celebration even most false church celebrated it. Halloween is Hallow Evening.. If you know what it means. It is against in bible. 

Again, God has a name instead of title and subject. I am very confused that you raised in the church without the bible. Is that right ? Correct me if I misunderstood you. 
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Its so fucking sad when people take a photo in one moment  and they think they know everything, and they can judge people based on one moment,  but they dont know shit. Political corectnes are destroying everything. 
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I use that station a lot. trust me, the pamphlet-handers are tehre all day, every day. Their behaviour and intentions don't really change. Their goal is to hand out pamphlets to commuters.
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Maybe if homeless dude went to school life would be diferent ? go and give him your money.
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But there is more to it than just handing out pamphletes. Just curious have you stopped to talk to them. Have you asked them their goal. As "a pamphlet-hander" myself I know exactly our goal, and I know it's not just handing pamphlets and then just letting through it away or have no understanding if what it is about and it's purpose. We are there for a goal
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Great to see the work being done globaly
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