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Audrey Profile
Audrey Profile
A Brief Summary
Audrey is a young woman with a kind heart and a need to nurture. She is physically strong and skilled in martial arts, but prefers to resolve conflicts peacefully. Her main desires in life are to start a family and to help those around her to flourish.
Basic Information
Name: Audrey Anne Davis
Age: 24 (May vary with story taking place.)
Birthday: March 27th
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 5'8”
Physique: athletic
Hair: orange and wavy
Eyes: green
Skin: pale with freckles
Teeth: straight and white with no cavities; large front teeth
Orientation: bisexual with a heavy male preference (Believes she is straight.)
Education: college graduate (Bachelor's Degree)
Occupation: personal trainer
Goals: achieve financial stability, get a pet, find love, start a family
Skills: martial arts, tending to children, cooking
Likes: children, sweets, cuteness, exercise, teddy bears
Dislikes: violence, vulgarity, horror, caffeine, pickles
In-Depth Desc
:iconrobyn-kitty:Robyn-Kitty 1 0
Fair Game: BBRae (Teen Titans)
“Beast Boy, you really don’t have to do this…”
Raven pinched the bridge of her nose as the changeling put down yet another dollar for the chance to pop balloons for a prize.
“Ah, ah, ah~” He gave her a few wags of his finger before picking up his three darts. “Now that I am officially your boyfriend, I am required by law to win you a minimum of one prize per visit to the fair.”
The empath exhaled through her nose, something between a sigh and a laugh, before shaking her head. He was so ridiculous sometimes, though she supposed that was part of his charm. 
“It’s your money…”
“And it’ll be your prize~” The green teen grinned as he threw a dart, only for it to miss.
“You know, you could just buy a stuffed animal at the store for a fraction of the price.”
“Where’s the fun in that?” He managed to hit a balloon with th
:iconrobyn-kitty:Robyn-Kitty 5 0
New Team: New Friends (Teen Titans)
It had only been two weeks since they’d united as a team, but the Teen Titans were already living under one roof. It was just your average house in California, but it would do until their Tower was completed.
As Cyborg and Robin sat at a table, looking over the blueprints for what was to be their Tower, Starfire peered over Robin’s shoulder.
“Uh, Starfire…” Robin began. “I’m glad you’re being nice and friendly now, but do you think you can give us some space? It’s kind of hard to concentrate with you hovering over my shoulder like this.”
“Oh… My apologies.“
The Tamaranean slumped away, dejected with her lack of companionship. Deciding that Raven might be willing to spend time with her, she headed for the room she had claimed as hers.
However, it would seem her green friend had the same idea. He stood in front of her room, conversing with the empath through the closed door.
“You’re sure there
:iconrobyn-kitty:Robyn-Kitty 2 0
Trying His Best (Teen Titans)
Garfield didn’t have to do much to make his parents happy. All he had to do was tell them a few animal facts and they cheered about how smart their little boy was. He liked to see them smile and how it was his own interests that caused them to do so.
How he missed those days…
“Garfield, I want a cheetah NOW!”
The young changeling looked back at Mento with drooped ears and large, pitiful eyes. He’d been trying for the last hour to turn into anything somewhat big, but it was no use.
“Don’t give me that look.” Mento narrowed his eyes at the green child.
Garfield faced forward with a sigh as he got on all fours. Maybe if he tried really REALLY hard this time…
He clenched his eyes shut as his hands became paws and fur grew all over his body. His features became more feline with sprouting whiskers and spots dotting his body.
The green feline opened his eyes and looked down… paws, claws, spots… Had he done it?
:iconrobyn-kitty:Robyn-Kitty 2 2
Mad Mod GIF by Robyn-Kitty Mad Mod GIF :iconrobyn-kitty:Robyn-Kitty 2 1 Beast Boy Growth Spurt by Robyn-Kitty Beast Boy Growth Spurt :iconrobyn-kitty:Robyn-Kitty 0 3 Beast Boy Flex by Robyn-Kitty Beast Boy Flex :iconrobyn-kitty:Robyn-Kitty 1 0 Beast Boy Desktop by Robyn-Kitty Beast Boy Desktop :iconrobyn-kitty:Robyn-Kitty 0 0 Smiles Awkwardly by Robyn-Kitty Smiles Awkwardly :iconrobyn-kitty:Robyn-Kitty 2 0

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Sorry I haven't been here in... forever... I've drawn a great deal, but haven't uploaded here. I plan to upload some of the stuff I've been working on.



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