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Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

I had some free time today, so I finally sat down to color this piece. I found it on the internet months ago and couldn't wait to color it. Eventually I forgot andeverytime I remembered, I was doing something else. Well, I made time today. If anybody has any suggestions or crits, feel free to express them. I'm getting more serious about coloring and am hopeing to get some steady work. I want to be prepared.

The linework is done by Mr. Powell
All I did was color it
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PunkGotADeathWish's avatar
sorry didn't read the description, but still it was a nice job colroign and shading the piece
PunkGotADeathWish's avatar
<3 it..... the detail of Freddy's face and the texture of his skin is well done, plus, you still managed to make the size of the other 2 characters proportionate as well as relaistic to the rets of the background, which cna eb tricky to pull off, plus the diea is really creative. Well done!
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Ash would so fail. Especially sense the movie he was in failed big time!
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:D I have that comic except its sigd and is the alternatvie black and white
Dragon-hobbit101's avatar
This comic is EPIC WIN!!!! :XD:

1st issue of the sequel comes out June 24th!
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This is great Bobby!!!

I have to destroy you now...
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I like the texture work, but I'm not too happy with how it is on Freddy. He just doesn't grab the eye, despite being the largest thing on the cover. I wasn't sure what could make him better, so I Googled him and [link]
If he had some milkier whites in the light zones and starker shadows in the shadow zones, he might be more three dimensional. Right now, feels like a part of the background than he does the main element.
What if you made his sweater red and ran a photo filter adjustment on the BG to make it green-blue instead?
These are just ideas, not a critique, by the way.
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Thanks for the comments Garth. I went back and retouched up somethings today. I'll probabally upload the new version later today.
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Alright, look forward to it.
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