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Darth Vader riding Charizard

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Search your pokedex, you know it to be true.
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The grayscale coloring or lack thereof threw me off and I mistook it for an Aerodactyl.
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I have seen awesome today.... and it is this!
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I need to put this on a t-shirt. I NEED IT XD!!
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Darth Vader riding a Charizard to the Island of Sodor to help Optimus Prime and Batman take down the Shredder. Tell me that doesn't sound awesome.
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On one condition: they have to meet Gandalf and Enjolras.

...Heck, even if what I just said DOESN'T happen, it's still awesome.

listen to sons of war by two steps from hell while looking at this.....ITS AMAZING!!!!(explodes)
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How could I get this in poster form? I want to give money where money is earned. This earn it.
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Lookey at what I found on FB: [link]

They may have misspelled "argument" but at least they kept you signature next to Charizard's foot =D

Tell me how do you feel...
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This is the greatest thing I've ever seen
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This is the most badass thing ever.
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Bad news bro.. they putted your pic on 9FAG :/
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did u drew this cuz someone send me this pic so i re edited
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I have altered your Pokémon. Pray I do not alter it any further.
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And now, my DA experience is complete.
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i am here from funny junk to tell you someone posted this pic and now its popular... congrats
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The Final Team-up!
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Just too awesome! :D
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Excellent work man. Love this mash up! [link]
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The awesomeness! ... IT BURNS!! :onfire:
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awesome drawing ^^

But I don't know where i should add it to...
I have both a "pokemon" fave folder and a "Movies and TV" folder XD
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