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By Rob S. Rice

My friend, in the future, as far as it goes,
You'll find it my pride to stand here at your side.
Let all know I'm here as a ward to your woes,
And steel is tempered by blows.

My love, let me be here and ward off your cares,
You'll find that I'm strong, and not part of the throng.
My faithful trustworthiness each new day shows,
And steel is tempered by blows.

The truth is my charge, and I face all its foes
With unveiled scorn, and contempt, now reborn,
For each is a liar, and, in truth, each one knows,
And steel is tempered by blows.

There is ugliness, wind, and the cold, stinging snows,
And they strike at my heart, every one plays its part,
But I can still know beauty, the scent of a rose...
And steel is tempered by blows.

A wall, I'll protect you from all hostile throws,
I've faith in my cause, and I'm more than my flaws,
The more they despise me, the more my strength grows,
And steel is tempered by blows.
Something of a philosophical poem, one of my more recent, not as grim as one might think from a superficial reading.
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Submitted on
October 26, 2013


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