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In case you haven't heard via, and the various forums I frequent: the webcomic list, ComicPress, and Comic Genesis, I'm celebrating Forsaken Stars' first year online over at the facebook page. Click LIKE, download one of the five new logos or avatars I loaded up and put it up as your profile pic! The person who brings in the most new fans wins a fan pack and a FREE COMMISSION from yours truly.

I'm also running a trivia contest with some sort of gift card or cash prize!

Fan art would also help us celebrate and allow you to post a link to your comic in the caption!

Come on down!
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  • Watching: Caprica
  • Eating: Chicken Sandwich
  • Drinking: Diet Pepsi is BACK!  I… now officially hosting with DreamHost, and it looks like we just lost about a month's worth of comments and post data in the move (I knew I should have done one more database backup before changing DNS servers!  Oh, well.)  So I've been busily working to get everything nice and shiny in time for Comic Con!  Since I couldn't make it to San Diego this year, I wanted my site to at least be up and running in the spirit of the geek holiday.  So go check it out, lots of links there that I can't really have up at my Comic Genesis site, but since it has served me so well, I will continue to keep it running as well, and hopefully occasionally have exclusive content there.
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Sadly, I'm having some issues with my host server for, so please visit Forsaken Stars at Comic Genesis, the original (and now back up) site for my sci-fi/horror webcomic.  I will also likely set aside some time to upload the most recent issue right here at deviantART.  

I'm looking at possibly hosting elsewhere, so I may be moving servers in the next week or so.  I will update everyone as soon as I know my next step.  Thanks for visiting!
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All commissions on 8x10 cardstock unless otherwise requested, then prices may vary.  These do not include postage and handling.

Sketches = $10 (Simple, single character)

Inked Art = $20-30 (From simple, single character to multiple characters and background)

Inked & Colored = $50 and up, depending on the complexity of the piece (A simple digital watercolor comic style page is base, a digital oil painting/graphic would be much higher, again also depending on the subject matter.)

I would love to do fan art pieces with other webcomickers in trade, so I'm definitely open to that.

My regular journal is posted at…
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