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Jovey 2017 by Robsojourn Jovey 2017 by Robsojourn
Back in the spring of 2012, I was working on my Prelude to Spiral Legion short story collection, and "Cleaner Than Spotless" was my flagship story, a story about Jovey CR-1477, a robot cleaner for the mob. I always wanted to redo the cover, and five years later, here it is! Done entirely in Clip Studio Paint Pro.

Here is the original blurb for the short story:
Jovey CR-1477 was designed by Doctor Aryo Cardeñas to clean up after any unfortunate accidents in which the family was involved. Currently, the family in particular was Milas and Sargento Cardeñas, and they had “accidentally” blown away Thander McThewlis and Ednard O'Grady, two enforcers from the McThewlis gang who were trying to lean on Mister Benavedes, the manager of one of the Cardeñas money laundering fronts. The Cardeñas cousins had tried to play it cool, but O'Grady red-flagged on Milas' See-All® optical display visor and he felt he had no choice but to fire upon them before being fired upon. When the explosive and brief firefight was done, Sargento put the call in to his Uncle Aryo to “send the machine cleaner.”

You can see the original art on deviantart here:…

Read "Cleaner than Spotless" a Prelude to Spiral Legion story for free here:…

And if you enjoy it, you can pick up your own copy of the individual story or the entire collection at my author page here:…

Thanks, and God Bless. 
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August 11, 2017
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