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Bridgid and Eckhart in Fluttershy's Cottage

Hi guys!
Last month I finally found that "mouse cartoon I saw on TV when I was a kid" by googling "List of Mouse Cartoons" and clicking on a Wikipedia page. I remember I tried looking for this before a while back but had no luck. The only things I remembered were; it had one word for the title and it was in a red font, there were 2 mouse characters that went on adventures, and I remember this one episode about one of the characters getting stung by a jellyfish. I googled something along the lines of "Mouse cartoon jellyfish sting episode" but didn't find anything.

Some of the cartoons listed on Wikipedia had accompanying screenshots but others did not. Eventually I moused over......heh "moused"....I hovered my cursor over "Eckhart" and no pictures came up..... however, I had a little inkling about that one-word title. I punched in the words "Eckhart Cartoon Mouse" into google images and I immediately recognised the characters! I was like *Holy sshh!!! Those are the...!!! I found it!!

It turns out "Eckhart is a Canadian animated series presented on Teletoon in 2000 and 2001." so, I was around 6 years old when it aired! Then I watched all the episodes I could watch online which were all of season 1 and 2 (but not season 3 since they are apparently very difficult to find). I found the episode I'd watched when I was a kid (Season 2 Episode 5 Molly the Mist) and I was excited to compare my memories and feelings I had back then. I gotta say my memory was very spotty since I don't even remember this Molly character saving Bridgid and Eckhart but the jellyfish incident was there and everything! I remember the "what is that!?" and "Don't touch it!"

Finally I settled on creating some fanart of the show with an MLP crossover (which I don't think has been done before) and I decided Fluttershy would be an awesome choice to pair them with. This is the result I created! They have somehow gotten into Fluttershy's Cottage in Equestria and are very adventurous and want to explore and look around, meanwhile Fluttershy's all like "D'awwwww look at them! They're so cute with their tiny little clothes!"
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I rented 2 dvds and now wish S3 can see it's dvd.

Favorite episodes: Came a Stranger, Boxcar Buddies and Freedom For All

Least favorite episode: Foxy Tale

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Man, I vividly remember watching Eckhart all the time when I was a wee lad, this was a cross-over I never could have expected!
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Yeah same thing on the vivid part, I was very excited I found out what that dang "mouse cartoon" was!
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That is an awesome crossover X3 Indeed, Fluttershy would treat Eckhart and Bridgid well :)
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She sure would! :)
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Indeed :) Again, awesome work :) I love the use of warm colors inside Fluttershy's cottage at sunset, giving the front room a more warm comfortable inviting atmosphere :)
Great where's is the link to the mouse cartoons?
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Just type in Eckhart cartoon in Youtube.
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