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By robrey
Oil, 18 x 24 inches

My friend and musician, Amanda Penecale, came to visit a while back. While she sat on my couch in the window light playing a few songs on her ukulele, I couldn't help but take the opportunity to plan a painting. For the full experience, go take a listen to her music here: [link]

Prints Here: [link]
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A beautiful moment.

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I like very much the atmosphere you achieved with that light and those colors though. By its size I thought the instrument was an ukulele, but they usually have 4 strings.
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Five strings and four tunning pegs? Intriguing instrument.
BartolomeoBarbarossa's avatar
love those brushstrokes
mike-torma's avatar
I find this piece particularly appealing!
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Beautiful work!
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Such Beautiful work.:D
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Wow, just beautiful, congratulations.
Fantastic painting! But why 5 strings and only 4 tuner pegs?
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Yea i thought that too. Nice work though 
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Extremely calming :) :)
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Its really excellent
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Beautiful song. The sound of light. 
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Thank you for the experience. Music and beautiful painting combined.
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Awesome lights and shadows!
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Great choice of colors.
The green is great!
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Awesome technique :)
This painting cannot be better!
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Love the subtlety of colour tone, especially on the right of the couch.
Nice lighting and colour.
I like this.
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