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Oil, 20 x 24 inches
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Gorgeous lighting, love the mood and brushwork.
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Wow! That's beautiful! I like how you have her left arm slightly hyperextended at the elbow (something only women can do - with very rare exceptions). It's a great way to add more femininity to the painting.

The telescope is a wonderful addition to the scene. I have a mental image that she is in Ancient Rome or Greece cradling her most valued possession - her telescope. If it were the classical world, it would be a bit anachronistic, but that's part of the beauty of the image: it looks right.
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Wonderful technic!!! :clap::sun:
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For such a still pose you've got such a wonderful feeling of movement and energy going on! I really really adore the cold light. 
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How lovely....the mood and the details are amazing and the highlights on the girl are simply superb. Love the composition
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love the brushwork!
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Precious by KmyGraphic awesome work!! featured here features of the week!
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Amazing use of light and color. A splendid peice!!!
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i love this one : D haha yes yes yes this is great good jobb xD
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The feeling of calm it gives is so enchanting, as if time goes twice slower in that magical place bathing you in soft starlight every night long enough for not to bother about astronomical observation time dependence.
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Is this Hypatia, the Alexandria Greek female philosopher/mathematician? She's a hero of mine-- in fact my user name was nearly ZoeHypatia. It looks like Rachel Weiss playing her in the film Agora. 😍
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That wasn't my intention, but I don't mind that interpretation! I hope to find the time to do a Hypatia piece someday. Scott Burdick has a nice one, google it if you haven't seen it.
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You're a great artist it's really beautiful
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always love your stuff !
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This one is so vivid.
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Wonderful painting!
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I love this! The feeling it gives, the atmosphere, is just incredible.
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Wonderful painting!
The plant there is Brugmansia candida _ Angels Trumpet
Thanks for sharing :)
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The contrast between the stone steps, the metal of the telescope, and her skin is very interesting. Perfect hands, by the way!
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