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Oil, 20 x 24 inches

Science is more than a body of knowledge, it’s a way of thinking.

Early philosophers used to believe we could understand the world simply by thinking about it, that what made sense to us must be true. But, Observation showed us that the universe often does not conform to our expectations or desires. It doesn’t matter how much we wish something to be true, how beautiful a theory is, or who came up with it. To find out what is true we have to look and pay attention to how the universe really works.

The methods of science have pulled humanity out of dangerous superstitions and entrenched ignorance. They have allowed us to find real solutions to stubborn problems from hunger and disease to communication. In the scientific method, Observation leads the way. We may not always like what we see, particularly if it runs against our cherished beliefs, but if we accept it with humility, we will find ourselves better able to confront the problems we face.

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