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A Bargain Kept

By robrey
Oil, 18 x 24 inches

I wanted to create a story with this image. I'm drawing on many stories and fairy tales from The Frog Prince to Ulysses' encounter with Circe in The Odyssey to clue the viewer into what might be going on here. A shadowy sorceress is seen here with a few of her accoutrements. It's not a large leap to guess that this frog of unusual size may have not always been a frog. But who's that in the mist beyond? Is it someone spying upon her activities or an unfortunate soul forced to come and keep their end of a bargain?

Detail images on my blog:…

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This really makes you wonder about how the frog and the woman met and what their relationship is like. Because I can't imgine this woman (this is Circe from the Odyssey, you said?) crying over a lost golden toy. But what about the frog? Has he decided to leave the princess from the Fairy Tale and moved on with his life to meet Circe? Or was she the one who enchanted him...? Hmmm... ;)
I love pictures with a story like this.
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Really great composition and storytelling!

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This is one of my favorites of yours! Reminds me of Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier. XD
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It's me!!! it;s me with my first teacher, fresh from the bog and eager to learn all kinds of new magic, on my way to assuming human form as a disguise and living among you. LOL

I am a massive frog lover.  So much so that I go around telling folks I am a Giant bullfrog in disguise as a human.  I have had this picture in my fantasy frog art slide for for a while now from ArtStation, but since I don't have any art on there I wasn't able to comment on its glorious majesty till I found you on here too.  This is one of my too favorite frog pictures I have ever found, and I am so glad to finally be able to tell you so!
Froggy Emoji 02 (Sparkles Frog) [V1] 
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I have no words...i just can't stop looking at that picture!
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I love the style of this piece, it's beautiful, and there's so much detail and mystery in it I could look at it for hours.
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Wow.  That's some serious talent.  Love it.
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mmm - this painting could launch as series - I like mystery you have created with such skill
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I love the confident gesture of the figure, relaxed without a care in the world. The lighting in this piece is perfection!
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amazing piece :D good composition :)
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Love the painted effect.
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This is an awesome piece.  I have a conceptual arts folder in my group :iconthe-fanart-society: that this would be perfect for.
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Just because...
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Damn that frog is so cool!
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Hi, I've given this piece a feature over here ->…
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You really capture what you wanted, a great story. Great painting, keep it up! ;)
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Beautiful. Something about her expression, and the silhouette in the background, makes me feel like they're going to have to go on an unfortunate quest of some kind together. No idea why, but I like it.
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