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RobRae Day - October 2nd by robraeteentitans RobRae Day - October 2nd :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 7 1 robraeteentitans by robraeteentitans robraeteentitans :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 2 1
Teen Titans - Rant on BBRae Shippers
I hate the shippers of BBRae. They are so explicitly underknowledged when it comes to discussing couples, that they will viciously attack anyone—if not, everyone—who even dares to disagree with them. That's a fact, don't you even try to deny it. They will provide such biased information to claim that they are correct, meanwhile they label every other non-canon OTP as "not valid" and disgusting. You know what's disgusting? Your lack of literal sense for reality. BBRae is legit 100% non-canon. The creators never planned to have them in a relationship, never mind having any close friendships or bonds together. I ship RobRae. Yes, hate on me if you wish, I honestly couldn't care any less to listen to your irrelevant and hurtful excuses and arguments. I embrace the fact that RobRae is a non-canon relationship—I don't care what others have to say about it and I acknowledge that it was never planned to be a couple. But when it comes to BBRae shippers, if your tongue dares to
:iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 1 8
Teen Titans RolePlay - RobRae
I thought of finding people on DeviantArt who would like to roleplay with me. I have a few plots in mind—all Teen Titans related—and was hoping that someone would be interested. I obviously ship RobRae so I wouldn't be comfortable with other ships, but we don't have to roleplay a ship. I'm likely to be Raven, but I can also be Robin or Cyborg. I am a literate role player, so I'm hoping not to find comments like;
*walks 2 ur room* hi
I'd rather see something like;
His feet pushed him further as he trekked the corridor, his heart beating ever so much in his chest, as though it belonged to a rabbit running for its skin. [A lengthy mass of background information to sum up the situation.] The caped hero now approached the door, his eyes scanning over the letters engraved into its material; "Raven." As much as he wished to disembark his current location, it was not one of his options. With much hesitation, the man's trembling hand raised to the door as he aimed his knuckles for t
:iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 1 0
Classic Raven by robraeteentitans Classic Raven :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 0 0 RobRae Sketch by robraeteentitans RobRae Sketch :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 4 1
Mature content
Teen Titans - Open Roleplay :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 1 1
The End of All Things Mortal by robraeteentitans The End of All Things Mortal :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 2 1 Teen Titans Page V by robraeteentitans Teen Titans Page V :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 3 1 Teen Titans Page IV by robraeteentitans Teen Titans Page IV :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 3 1 Fever? - Teen Titans RobRae by robraeteentitans Fever? - Teen Titans RobRae :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 3 0 Tea and Coffee - Teen Titans RobRae by robraeteentitans Tea and Coffee - Teen Titans RobRae :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 4 0 Raven Resting - Teen Titans by robraeteentitans Raven Resting - Teen Titans :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 4 0 Teen Titans Page VI by robraeteentitans Teen Titans Page VI :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 2 0 Teen Titans Page III by robraeteentitans Teen Titans Page III :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 1 1 Teen Titans Page II by robraeteentitans Teen Titans Page II :iconrobraeteentitans:robraeteentitans 0 0


Raven and Robin WP by Spider-Cat Raven and Robin WP :iconspider-cat:Spider-Cat 209 41
*UPDATE*Subtle Robin/Raven Moments
When you watch episodes a few times or so, you start noticing things that you didn't notice before. When you're a Robin/Raven shipper, your eye is often trained to notice subtlies. I happened to notice quite a few in my days, and want to make a list so others can enjoy and think, "Wow, I didn't even see that the first time!" or "Man, this makes me want to draw Rob/Rae fanart now!" or "Why the heck doesn't this girl get on with her life?"
We all know the obvious Rob/Rae moments- the hug, the hand-hold, the Raven-catching-Robin, the Robin-catching-Raven. But what about the small stuff we take for granted? Whether it's just a animation error or a secret hint, some people like to know about these things.
After you read this post, feel free to comment and tell me the tiny little moments you spotted, but I forget to mention.
UPDATE*****- I added some more sections. Check them out. XD The Quest one was suggested by :iconChyrstis:.
--- The Blush Factor Ok. Go back to The End Part 3. Bef
:iconsorarocksmysocks:sorarocksmysocks 2 26
Why the Hate on Robrae?
These are random little thoughts about Robrae, Robstar and BBrae. This isn't even a formatted essay; it's literally a jumble of reasoning. Please don’t kill me, shippers. I beg of you.
Why is there so much hate against the Robin/Raven ship? Like, seriously, why?
Robrae. Hm. The ship’s gotten a bit bigger, and for some reason, other people hate the ship. Like, they’ve made blogs about how much they hate it. I found a community dedicated to opposing it (surprisingly enough, it was actually reasonably polite and well-mannered, despite the radical title and purpose). I’ve stumbled across some hate for this ship, and to be honest, I’m confused. First of all, bashing a ship is understandable but unadvisable. Telling someone that they’re not allowed to ship two fictional characters is rude and often unjustified – telling someone to just stop what they’re doing and listen to you is like sneering, “I know your type,” and slapping a
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RobRae shame doodle by PessimismJester RobRae shame doodle :iconpessimismjester:PessimismJester 4 2 Get a Room by darkcandlelight Get a Room :icondarkcandlelight:darkcandlelight 7 1 Matching Sweaters (colored) by darkcandlelight Matching Sweaters (colored) :icondarkcandlelight:darkcandlelight 16 6 It's the End of The World by LineaCake It's the End of The World :iconlineacake:LineaCake 47 6 The Worry by darkcandlelight The Worry :icondarkcandlelight:darkcandlelight 23 2 So in love that you act insane by darkcandlelight So in love that you act insane :icondarkcandlelight:darkcandlelight 20 7 RobRae  by BagleRolls RobRae :iconbaglerolls:BagleRolls 1 1 The sister I never had by darkcandlelight The sister I never had :icondarkcandlelight:darkcandlelight 26 4 Hold Me by lokiiyu Hold Me :iconlokiiyu:lokiiyu 3 1 The moment of connection by CrimsonGlow The moment of connection :iconcrimsonglow:CrimsonGlow 18 6 Follow Your Heart by darkcandlelight Follow Your Heart :icondarkcandlelight:darkcandlelight 45 2
Are you reading yet? Good, please go on and continue to the bottom of this.
Do you know that you can sound annoyingly insincere, even in writings? Even if you're in the world of Role Playing [RP] when you're being someone else that might be completely different from your real self?
Sometimes you like to write long things for your RP partners. Which is good. But have you noticed something? When someone [or someone's character/s] is giving you some information or some insight about their characters or something they do, and had written more than three sentences, there's a BIG chance that the said person [or the character/s] WANTED it to be noticed.
Don't just ignore it or give a halfhearted, one-word long reply and then flood the person [or the character/s] back with three paragraphs of YOUR OWN character's information and insight. Even if your character is THAT interesting, really. Doing so will make you [or your character/s]
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unleashed by kadenfukuyama by teentitans unleashed by kadenfukuyama :iconteentitans:teentitans 170 20


I haven't been on DeviantArt in a long time, so... hello 😂 Hope I can find more RobRae folks 👌


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