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Who doesn't like this guy?!
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Ahhhh I was born much too late to read this series......but I know enough of the spaceknight to look forward to his new series! But I really hope they reprint the original....
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aw yeah! love how retro feeling this is!
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I've seen this robot in a comic with a group of other people but it was long ago and i can't remember the name of the comic book.
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Awesome character. The image is a great tribute!!
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I LOVE this guy! Great piece!
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My favorite Marvel guy!
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This looks great!
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This piece is very simple in the line department but very effective. Really like this, ALOT!!
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Amazing look a truly original feel to a great comic hero!
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cool and simplistic. Very eye catching.
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Whatever happened to him? We lost him after the Dire Wrath affair.
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Marvel lost the licensing rights to the character in 2000. so that means they can't publish any new stuff with him in it or even reprint older issues of ROM or from other titles with him in it. there's a lot of mystery around why Marvel can't or won't re-aquire the rights.
but all that didn't stop Sal Buscema and IDW Publishing from publishing this Rom spaceknight bonus pin up page recently [link]
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Wow. I didn't realize or know he wasn't an original Marvel character.
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this is one of the coolest images of rom i have seen ever! thanks for reminding me of my childhood
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i like the pose and use of color. you might find this interesting, 2013 Rom spaceknight bonus pin up page from IDW publishing [link]
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So old! Brings back memories =D
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