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I've been meaning to post my Batman Adventures covers. I can't remember which issue this is from, but they used it for the trade as well. I had a blast working on this series.
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Is that Spy from TF2??
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I love how you designed the background.
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Bruce timm would approve, amazing batman !
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This is an excellent mood setting scene. Nice work.
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That's Roman Sionis, right?
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My Friend, you are a genius!! Amazing :)
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That is a sick and shuddering perspective!
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GreaT! you have other covers or panels for Batman?
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Is it The Batman Adventures based off BTAS?
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Awesome, the red contrast and perspective are great. Who is the villain?
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I actually bought a book because this ad was in it.
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It's really beauty! I like the use of colours and the prospective!
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isnt this the issue where batman was disguised as matches malone?
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Ah, DC adventures. Shame it ended before they finished the Red Hood arc.
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Love what you did for the line art and red coloring in this pic!
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One of my all-time favorite Batman covers. Just brilliant.
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Even when I was a little kid, this was my favorite Batman cover :)
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I'm wild about the colours. Red-orange and beat-downs go splendid together.
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Gorgeous. I love the colors.
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