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A project for my art class. :P
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Lovely colours and concept ! :) (How are you ? It's been so long we haven't talk...)
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Thank you! :) And yes, it's been so long! It seems like forever since I've logged on! I'm doing great, how are you? ^_^
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That's a strange period, but happy to see you back :)
I think I'm gonna make a little household in my DA... I'm actually learning illustration !
Your photos always inspire me a lot...
I think I'm trying to start a carreer in illustration, as soon as I feel ready for that (a lot of work aswell :))
And how's life goin' for you ?
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That sounds really fun! You'll do great :D I've been trying to learn watercoloring but I'm not very good haha :P
I'm so glad that my photos inspire you! Photography is my favorite thing to do :) I got an instant film camera for my birthday a few weeks ago and I love it so much!
Life is going pretty well lately—I'm about to start my 3rd year of university! I've been learning French for almost a year now :) it's very fun! 
I hope your life is going great too! :D
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Oh you're really learning French ! That's great !
I grew up between London and Paris, but I have to admit that my English is pretty bad these times... It's been too long since I've practiced and I try to get my skills back. The problem is mostly in talking than writing, obviously. I'd really love to talk with you some in real to practice, so bad I'm not in USA !
Anyway, if you need advices or help in French, tell me, it will be a pleasure for me to help you out :)
'bout photography, yes : I really think you are talented. But who knows if my judgement is obvious enough to say. Anyway, that's my sincere opinion. You're very talented, in my own view of photography art.
There's always so much difficulty in all kind of art / discipline when it comes to compare with other's work. You'll always have professionnals or simply those I consider as "art's technicians". You know, the ones who always consider your pieces as well-done technically, or if you have respected the common-admitted criters of something successful or not. Not interested, personnaly.
This kind of persons have just lost the sense of what is just beautiful and meaningful for ours minds.
But your photos... are almost always pushing my mind in overwhelming ! Keep up ! There's a future here for you, I think :)

Take care of you !! ;)
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I have lots of trouble with spoken French! :( I don't have anyone here to practice speaking in French with so I'm better at writing. I still make lots of mistakes, though.. On an exam I accidentally wrote "J'ai neigé souvent pendant mes vacances" as one of my answers! :( haha it was very embarrassing! :D I still have a lot to learn!
I really love French music—I think it's really helpful in learning the language! If you have any recommendations, please let me know! :)
And thanks so much again! It makes me so happy when people like my photos :')
I agree—I think it's best to make art that makes you happy instead of striving to be perfect in comparison to others. There are so many different forms of beauty , and they're all important ^_^ 
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