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February 28, 2013
Borrowing ~Greipur's comment in A_p3 v.1 by ~Robotpunch, "What an interesting mix of naturalistic light coupled together with such cubistic shapes. And the colours are wonderful. Robotpunch, I always know that there will be something interesting to look at when I see updates from you!" I can't help but agree with him.
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A_p3 v.1

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atskae's avatar
I love the pixel-like highlights :) Beautiful colors!
Robotpunch's avatar
Thank you! This was as big surprise for me! Didn't expected this effect to look this good.
lila-me's avatar
Hi Robotpunch; just wanted to say I enjoy your color palette very much! I Especially like the patches of filtered sunlight, and the reflection of the flower on the water :thumbsup:
Robotpunch's avatar
Thanks! This page took me a really long time but it was worth it!
nono14's avatar
Colors , colors!
Robotpunch's avatar
asemharun's avatar
I really like the way you draw!
dancingvarcolac's avatar
this is sooooo... fetch! :D
ltluan's avatar
I really do love the squareness to the piece! Really does create a nice feel to it! :'3
animastur's avatar
Beautiful colors!
Robotpunch's avatar
Robotpunch's avatar
I love the way you did lighting in this...very original :)
Robotpunch's avatar
Thank you! I was inspired by the way they did lighting in witcher 2 :)
Daliot's avatar
I like how the style is paper-like, yet pixel-like as well! The orange, green and blue colors are wonderful together.
Robotpunch's avatar
Thank you! I had this serious debate with myself on using one of these styles and ended up with both at the same time! And you are right, blue and orange is one of the most attractive combinations, its everywhere right now.
Zippora's avatar
Fantastic atmosphere!
Robotpunch's avatar
Thank you! Getting the right mood is the most important thing for me.
vonnbriggs's avatar
wow the color is awsome. really realy like this one man thanx
Robotpunch's avatar
Thank you! Makes me very happy!
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