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My Brushes
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My Brushes, I'll be doing a video tutorial for this soon! Stay tuned.
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Comments (110)
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Novames00|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you !
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Dzenrei|Hobbyist Digital Artist
So where can I find a video tutorial?
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Xeretium's avatar
Thank you so much.
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SHIOKUN1's avatar
thanks a lot!!
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Gelof7's avatar
Gelof7|Professional Digital Artist
Thanks you!
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Manart-06's avatar
Manart-06| General Artist
Merci ;)
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surendhracartoonist's avatar
surendhracartoonist|Professional Digital Artist
My Brushes by Robotpencil how to download it ?
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Renteii's avatar
click on the download button
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chapdast's avatar
hi anthony
I dont know is it a right place to ask !
but I wanna know if I buy your video lesson  Gumroad - Character Design - Horror Genre by Anthony Jones
will I  simultaneously get your brush set you used for that lesson ? 
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NeycuuRose1's avatar
NeycuuRose1|Hobbyist General Artist
can these brushes be used for Krita too? 
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hopemid|Student Digital Artist
thank you !
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XallZall's avatar
XallZall|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have so much respect for you and your works, I saw that you stopped posting youtube videos, will there be more?
And thank you so much for everything you had to say in regards to art, I never been so willing to suffer, to achieve hard work, I say this now, I hope that this fire will never extinguish, and I hope I can show the results of your motivational and emotional encouragements the next year, or in 3 years time.
Thank you for everything again.
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Harkale-Linai's avatar
Harkale-Linai|Professional Digital Artist
I haven't figured out what you use most of them for, but thank you anyway!
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FaustoCB|Professional Digital Artist
thank you! 
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oatenee's avatar
oatenee|Student Artist
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jlewenhagen's avatar
awesome. use them all the time.
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LalaVegas's avatar
LalaVegas|Professional Traditional Artist
These are the nicest set of brushes I have found posted - thanks so much for sharing!
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mistermatt13's avatar
i will use this a lot thanks
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DGNOVA's avatar
wow thanks and now practice 
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xnaxox| Digital Artist
osom, thanks to share this cool brushes!
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JasonTormos| Digital Artist
Thanks for sharing :)
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