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By Robotpencil
Here is a painting I did for the people here at Deviant art! for their support on my first day! much appreciated!

I did this quick painting for you guys!

NEXT GEN MARIO CONCEPT!! :D still a bit stylized but with a more serious tone! :D I should explore more ideas and such :D well see.
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Looks like luigi
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I can imagine it now, an AU Mario and Luigi are two brothers runing a plumbing business, they made a deal with a mafia called the Koopa troop. Mario and Luigi have to return a favor, but they refuse because they are told to hurt the Innocent. They then have to fight for their lives against the Koopa troop.
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He looks like von Kaiser from punchout
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creepy lol, Mario as an abusive stressed out father?
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Reminds me of Friedrich Nietzsche ...:|
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This is Mario when he's in the real world
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Mario goes to a office!
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Nintendo Office Mario confirmed
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This is a very nice piece of art, you make rhem look so realistic, humanlike. I really like the shading. Everything is great
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He really looks real!
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"I came to this-a country to escape poverty, now my girlfriend has been kidnapped by a turtle and the only way I can rescue her is to defeat mushrooms, lesser turtles, ghosts, and sentient bullets. Maybe i need to lay off the drugs for a while."
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looks more like weegee
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Don José Arcadio Buendía!!
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Are you saying this bullshit is Mario? Get a life
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Mario: Stalin Edition
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This whole series of work is super rad.<3
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This is the Mario I imagine running into somewhere... you know, small down stuff...

Very cool.
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He looks like a possible mob boss. Very hardcore. Probably about to go assassinate Toad for getting his brother hooked on drugs.
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