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The War of the Lions

I love the Final Fantasy Tactics series and probably poured way too many hours into this game when I was young. They sure don't make games like they used to ! It was interesting challenge trying to render semi realistically a bunch of characters that has no nose. Anyways enjoy and I hope to do more on this series in the future! Follow me @ roburii on Instagram for updates and sketches
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I always get so excited to see group shots
like this. Definitely gotta give it another shot
at trying compositions like this.

The amount of hours you poured into this
painting is definitely tribute worth it to your childhood :D
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Hi Robert! Amazing, absolutely stunning work!

Thanks so much for allowing me to use this beautiful image in my video with the "Decisive Battle" cover. 
Here's the link to the video with your artwork:…
superreddevil's avatar
This is foken awesome. Thank you! there´s a remaster "suposedly" coming from square enix incoming... time will tell so get a lil hyped ;)
Can I use this as a title card for a youtube playthrough I'm doing for some friends?
Lokenauz's avatar
REALLY LOVE FFT!!!! <3 <3 <3 Awesome how you painted! Played other tactic games but nothing like this one ~
Gardon's avatar
I didn't notice the absence of noses until I read the description! I guess you did well!
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I bought a print of this at AX! :) I totally didn't make the connection that this was your account on DeviantArt and that I had already been a follower!! Nice work on this piece!
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You did an awesome job! I always liked the Final Fantasy Tactics game too, unfortunately I never did beet it all the way though. I've always wanted to go back and try to replay through it. 
sircowdog's avatar
Way to include my favorite jobs in this picture! Chocobo and Dragoon!
nadcase's avatar
This was my favorite game! And I still play it occasionally. :D
nfteixeira's avatar
Oh the nostalgia! This piece is absolutely awesome! :D
sarrus's avatar
You've just brought back a load of memories. Thank you. Stunning illustration.
KIRKparrish's avatar
so freaking awesome!
Tsumerai-Kyon's avatar
Final fantasy tactics buddy! Congrats!
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Awww. Awesome to see such a beautiful illustration of one of the best games of its era.
Emperorkarsa's avatar
This is and will always be one of my top 10 favorite games. You have made and excellent piece here.
LordGreymon's avatar
Excellent pic :) next time, try to include more classes, like the Dark knight, the Onion Knight, the Mime, etc. I still have this game in both PSX and PSP versions and sometimes I replay it, just for nostalgia, to remember when Square was Squaresoft...
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Awesome scene and characters!
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I wish there were more high-quality fanart like this for Ramza & co. that show them as they truly were - noseless and brave! \o/

Bravo, good artist.  Bravo.
UltraBananaBuddy's avatar
Underrated game. Love it.
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