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Calm After Storm - MM tribute

So here is my Megaman tribute entry (for those not in the know, it's for the fanart compilation book that Udon and Capcom releases)

It's been sitting in my computer for a while so what the hell. Enjoy...
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Now this is a whole new level of 'heroic dipiction'!
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This looks so cool :>
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Way cool styley, colours, and mood.
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Wonderful !!! Megaman rocks the world !!!
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Title reminds me of Storm Eagle. The robot Megaman is standing on reminds me of something but what...?
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sothat's what megaman would look like in real life.

PS: this is going to be my new desktop for a while.
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One of my favorite pieces in the book, glad to be alongside you in it!
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I like it...combines Megaman with those alluring photos of rusted old buildings or machines you see all the time.
Is this of a particular Megaman enemy?
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Awesome!! O____o
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i feel inspired to paint right now
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One word man, Epic!
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i dig this so much
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LOVE the painterly-ness! >w<
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Big thumbs up old buddy! Some of your more, shall we say, classic pieces have been in my rotation for quite some time. Glad to add a new one!

Looking forward to seeing your name in the book.
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"Press [EYE] to Synchronize."
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Just plain amazing! I can only hope to achieve something that has the same atmosphere and substance as this. Bravo!
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This is megaman in a way I wouldn't have come up with! It's like David after beating Goliath.
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