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January's Stars

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Published: January 1, 2007
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This is loosely based on a drawing I made back in 2002 named "Before I Lose Everything", after a song from the now disbanded Mighty Man and Yuk. But instead of making the same thing, I gave it a bit of a happier tone. Here's the link for the old piece: [link]

The smoke bubbles idea was taken from that time back in 2002 when one of my friends thought that she could make everyone in our group quit smoking by giving everyone a bubble maker. (She followed the logic that we'd be too preoccupied to light a cigarette while we were busy making bubbles.) A few moments later, one of us lit a cigarette and blew smoke into some bubbles. They looked so nice, everyone else lit up and no one was able to quit smoking.

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone!
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DeadlyShurikenHobbyist Photographer
Beautifully drawn. She is pretty. Is she you are or friend? =) The city looks so detailed and the stars look cutesy. The whole piece works well together to bring her out.

Step one to quit smoking is really wanting to quit smoking. Then, I recommend nicotine gum (if you're not pregnant) or acupuncture. Acupuncture is more expensive but it works. If you want to quit smoking fast, buy the 4m nicotine gum packs from walgreens that cost like $11.99. They bring 20 gums. What you do is that you have half at 9am and half at 9pm. Pretty much, every 12 hours. The first 2 days are the hardest. Then when those are done, buy the 2m pack gums and do the same. I'm no medical expert so don't take my word as gold. That may not work for you or may still get a bad reaction so consult with you doctor or pharmacist or the back of the box. I just said what worked for someone close to me and she only had to buy two packs of gum. She smoked for about 10 years, first a heavy brand and then a lighter one but just as frequently. If you're a heavy smoker, you may need to take longer and with more gum during the day. She quit doing the things she would do when she had a smoke, like she always had to have a drink of some kind like coffee, red bull, mango juice, whatever. She also stopped taking walks all together and started using the treadmill that may have helped her sweat it out faster. Afterwards, you can take walks again. You may need to do it exactly how the box says. Most importantly, pray to God to help you.
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fabulous concept <3
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kibo14Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this picture is so amazing.... i have the feeling that it's warm and nice outside, because of the colours. and the composition is really nice! like it ;)
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BanMalucoStudent Digital Artist
Dude, you're amazing. One of the best designers of Deviantart.
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TheSUNGlassKidHobbyist Photographer
So what's the new tactic to get people to stop smoking, aside from death?
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KeffelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Perfect colouring. Reminds me of spain.
I never heard of smoke in bubbles! It's so clever :3
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cosmicdeanHobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool, this piece comes across as very introspective to me. Great work.
Featured: [link]
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wikigiuliProfessional General Artist
:heart: beautiful!
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Whittacker-CDHobbyist General Artist
GREAT style and design.
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BorderlineCreep99Hobbyist General Artist
I didnt forget to leave a comment :)
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cellcraftStudent Writer
absolutely beautiful. love the color scheme.
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SoylentpinksHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow! how did you do the backround?
it's awesome!
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gordeenhooowStudent Traditional Artist
Beautiful, man!
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angelfire892Student Traditional Artist
I really like this style.
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I really like this it's like a cover for a novel and a really well crafted one.
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I love the style of this piece, and the background is fantastic! :heart:
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ReiluneProfessional General Artist
This is absolutely perfect :heart:
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ritamProfessional Filmographer
Fantastic coloration idea!
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fabuloustoastHobbyist Traditional Artist
Guud Kitty....
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hello!your work is featured in my journal,hope you're ok with that:)
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