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Thanks to Fatima (*taho) for the dress and piano and hair and other suggestions and crits. This is my illo of Alodia Gosiengfiao, a.k.a. *blackmage9.

Also, I was originally planning to have her press on the Bmajor 9 key (edit: chord), but got lazy.


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Love the pose! Great job on her hands as well. Very impressive paintwork.
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How can I get some artwork commissioned? Also, are any of your pieces for sale? Thanks.
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Your gorgeous art was featured in my Art of IRL Ladies journal. [link] Thanks!
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wow. alodia put this on fb. you famous man! this is great art
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this one is so goooood!!!!
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wow! nice drawing.. classy.. reminds me of the marvel comics... awesome!
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Oh my…*tears* this is awesome! You make me miss drawing so much! Y.Y But even if did continue, I can't do stuff even half as good as this! Love your style!
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Hey Alodia! I'm seriously glad you liked it! I bet you could still do way better drawings. Kinda like riding a bike I guess. You never completely forget about it. 8)

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I am really diggin' that piano behind her. Seriously, its got a real sense of symmetry that I have no idea (Outside of some awesome photoshop trickery) on how you accomplished it. But that smooth coloring and sense of shadow? That's what won the day.
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You guessed it right with the piano. It's pretty much just photoshoppery going on there haha. :)

Thanks, man.
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I like everything about this, but especially the design in the BG and the fact that its about music. Keep up the awesome work!
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Very lovely work :heart:
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Thamks, Leodark!
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Excellent work!
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nice work, very detailed in the piano parts, good colors
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I need that piano. I don't even really play anymore, but I need it! xD
Very nice! I love the colors!
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I need a guitar again. It's been so long since I've played any instrument.

T_T I dunno anything about pianos, so I'm glad you liked the piano! Thanks! :)
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xD Guitars are fun to have around because you can just pick up and play! (I need to practice mine, too xD)

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good weight on the piece.
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You seem to be getting into the Art Nouveau-ish type backgrounds. :3
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