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PBF Combine near complete

Okay! I finished the head model, and I UVed it. The model is ready to be made into a game model, I just need someone to rig it as a ragdoll and or NPC and or player model.

Anyway, the model is kinda supposed to be for a source mod I wanna make, its supposed to be the helmet for a "Riot Control" soldier.

Anyway, The body and main texture is by valve. I made the gas mask textures from some PBF Gas mask pictures :3
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Hey, man, can you please send me the download link for the model, i know someone who can rig it into HL2.
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Also will you add the PBF onto the metrocops? That would be so awesome!
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When it will be complete, will you put a download link for it to be used in HL2? It looks pretty awesome!
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Very nice, oh and what software do you use to make these models anyway?
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Thank you good sir, and good luck.
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The final model of the PBF mask is utilized in one of my most recent deviations for a replacement combine soldier.
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nice job man. looks great!
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