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Steamy Goodness by robothobo Steamy Goodness by robothobo
This is a skin for CD Art Display, a companion program for Winamp, Mediamonkey, WMP, and a variety of other media players. ( Sorry about the mis-categorization, but this was the closest option I could find.

This one is based on the default skin for Valve's Steam application. (with a second color them based on Steam's "Obsidian" skin) I had thought of re-skinning Steam to match some of my other apps, but I liked the color scheme so much that I decided to keep Steam as it was and re-skin everything else.

I specifically wanted two things in a skin for CD Art Display. Very large album art, and for the rating and playback buttons to be along the top or sides. That way I can see/access the ratings even when I have another window up in front of it, as long as the top corner of the screen is exposed.

Feel free to copy this, share it, or modify it however you like. If you do make any modifications, I'd love to hear about it. Also, if you make any other skins to match, I'd also love to hear, if only so I can use them on my own computer.

I was going to make a skin for Winamp, but Radium-V has already done a very nice clean and simple one that I like… , so I may not bother. Still, if I get bored enough, I might do one too.
Geohevy Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2008
You should make a Steam-style feather for Songbird, man.
strdoom Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2008
One of the best theme for cda, awesome work !!!
angelalpev Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2008
Very unique..good job!
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March 18, 2008
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