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Knowledge is Power

Petyr Baelish the badassest badass of the seven kingdoms.

Ended up being something like an experiment to see if i was able to work in higher key than usual.

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Incredible depiction of one of the best characters of GOT!!! Bravo!
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Well done pose that fits to the character admirably! =D Have you by chance done one with Ramsay?
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Baelish or Dr. Strange
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He is much better looking than the actor. This is how I imagined him. Well done!
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This is easily one of my top 100 most favourite paintings ever on the internet. The lighting, the storytelling, textures. I just can't. It's one of these images that makes you realize how much you have to study to surpass the skill before being able to create something even remotely close to it.
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You have a realy ammazing style of painting, work so fine the lights and the colors (finest i've ever seen i think) ! i'm fan :) and  i agree with "Petyr Baelish the badassest badass of the seven kingdoms." it's so true ahahahah...
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Why the hell did I not find this earlier :D?
You definetely make Lord Baelish look exactly like his character traits, even a little better than in the series :D, more book-alike even, and hell jeah thats bloody awesome!
Wonderful work my good Sir :fancy:, and ouh jeah that beard NaNoEmo 30 - :moustache:.
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thanks a lot, really appreciated
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Btw. your beard is awesome too :D.
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This is such a perfect depiction of Littlefinger that I thought it was him before I even scrolled down and realised that's who you'd painted!

Wonderful work.
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Awesome! Love to see original Littlefinger art :D
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LOVE this reimagined version of littlefinger. FANTASTIC WORK! I really love the oil painting effect too.
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I saw the thumbnail of this and just KNEW it had to be him. Great work! Absolutely adore the way you blend colours.
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Me encanta, personalmente, lo adoro. No es solo que tu técnica es depurada y magnífica sino que la obra en sí misma está bien planteada y representa adecuadamente la naturaleza del personaje.
No sólo parece Meñique físicamente sino que incluyes parte de su retrato psicológico, como su astucia, su extrema ambición e incluso su hedonismo. Una de las mejores representaciones del personaje que he podido ver hasta la fecha, incluso le pones su escudo, el sinsonte en el pecho.
Las texturas y la atmósfera son también muy buenas, el único fallo (o mejor dicho detalle mejorable) es la mano derecha (en la izquierda según el espectador), que no termina de convencerme (a mí al menos).

Favorito automático.
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Petyr Baelish, you've got to love him :D

Great painting! 
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