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Exiled Princess

林玉竹 (Lin Yuzu)

"Her family executed.  Her lineage erased.  She absconded from the capital under the guardianship of Wudang Four Gods Shuang Meiyu. Entering into Jiang Hu as the first student of Meiyu, she left behind everything but her desire for vengeance."

    -Exerpt from the notes of a 7th Generation Wandering Scribe

Tried this style again, I think I'm getting a better hang of it now. There's definitely more things I want to try but that'll have to wait for the next piece. Yuzu's original rendition was done in my CG-anime style but this semi-realistic brush stroke style works way better for a Wuxia story.
[Companion of the Moonlit Blade] Lin Yuzu by RobotCatArt

Wuxia Series:
Thieving Fox by RobotCatArtSubmerged Dragon by RobotCatArt
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This is beautiful! And the textures are amazing! I adore the eyes~

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Words cannot describe how amazed I am! The texture is so outstanding!
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This is really well done!
Awesome! Really love this
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Wonderful Work!
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Wow, beautiful Chinese princess !!
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She looks pretty different now though heh...
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Wow, you got some total babes here!
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Love the splashes so much ! 
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beautiful - i digg itt !
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