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I spent time formulating a reply to what some guy wrote, only to be informed that:

An error has occurred:

Unable to post comment: Comment being replied to is locked or hidden or you have been blocked by the comment author.

Irritated by this, I append my reply, and the other stuff that was said, for posterity. It's unimportant bollocks and you shouldn't really read it. I just hate to be gagged. I realise I'm beig a bit of a dick doing this, but so what? Here's some uninteresting stuff that went down earlier today:

My reply to his reply to my first reply:

LOL. It was only implied. Sanity is subjective anyhow. Perhaps I should have said that if I thought that then I would regard myself as mental, but I don't and if I did, I wouldn't think that, or something. I always think before I type of course. My mind makes my fingers do the talking. I guess if someone feels insulted then they feel insulted, and that's that. Maybe i feel insulted that you feel insulted by my thoughts, and shall keep them elsewhere as you requested. Bye.

Here's his reply to my first reply:

The thing is, when people are saying "hey you should do..." they aren't saying it because it's a good idea, they're saying it because they want something for themselves.
My experience of doing good deeds (at least on here) is they are their own reward - because few people say thanks and no-one shows thanks.
And as I already said, I find requests to be an insult. If someone wants to ask for something from me but isn't willing to pay for my time, that's pretty insulting.
I also find it insulting when someone calls me mental. If you're not going to think before you type then keep it on your own page.

And here's my first reply:

I don't mind requests. The point of posting on DA for most people is to show their stuff to other people who want to see it. The point of being in the community is finding people with similar taste and sharing. Sometimes people trade. It can be an explicit trade of art or money, or just kudos. It's cool to do good deeds because people notice.

Mostly I'll do my own thing and people like me should get some enjoyment from seeing some of the stuff I post, but getting input is nice because it adds something different, and it's nice to do things for people. Sometimes "hey you should do..." is actually a good idea. You don't have to do it, and you shouldn't take it as an insult. That would be pretty mental. :)

I'd link to the original post but don't want to give the chap hits. It was something about how he hates people saying "wow that's awesome you should do this...". Apparently i'm blocked from the page. That's strongly retarded. Wow.

I wanted to be the dumper. Not the dumpee!

Now that's out of the way, more shit art when I can be bothered to do it. I tried drawing the other day but it looked bad, even for me. Make some requests if you like. I may or may not listen, but I won't hate you for it. :)
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I tried to change my avatar back to the April fool one that DA game me because I would have found that hilarious. But apparently it exceeds the size limit. I was annoyed to learn that.

That brings me to the end of that story. How are you?
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OK it's ranting time. I'm currently filled with righteous indignation and furious anger. Why? Let me explain.

I was previously under the pleasant delusion that my country was currently some kind of shining example of a nice place to live, and proof that democracy works. It actually turns out that it isn't really, and it doesn't really, or it's a sham. I used to think that all those other countries that we went to bomb were the "bad guys", and all the stupid stuff in the past - like women not having the vote, it being illegal to be gay and stuff, were ancient history, and everything was cool now. Not so!

If you've casually heard the misleading news about the Dangerous Pictures Act, you'd probably be under the misapprehension that the idea was to ban footage of genuine sexual crimes. Were it so, this would be well and good. What's actually happening though is that having some porn in which consenting adults are getting a bit too freaky for whoever is arbitrarily deciding whether they are being offended or not, can get you three years in the slammer. The rules are really subjective and vague. No one is really sure what is allowed and what is not.

Some things are clear. Bestiality and Scat are covered. The first one seems reasonableish. Animals can't give consent. Scat i don't have a problem with. I haven't seen two girls one cup myself, but if somebody else wants to that's their business. What's really messed up is the bit about "violent pornography", which is really vague. Sex is essentially a violent act. Like motor racing. Energetic and forceful. Where they draw the line between legally acceptable and unacceptable is not defined. Spanking is arguable. Ball busting is arguable. Tentacle monsters are arguable. Rough sex. Catfighting. Etc.

What's really worrying is the way this got put through parliament. Won't go into detail. I could rant a lot more, but couldn't say anything that hasn't been said a million times before. Others have put it far more eloquently. Check out,, or google. Loads of great articles, for what it's worth. There are some cool people around. Some consolation.

Basically it's dawned on me that we're living in an Orwellian nightmare. Melodramatic maybe, but you get the idea. A significant number of our elected representatives are either puritannical fools, or simply not paying attention. It's possible that something somewhere on my harddrive might fall foul of this crazy law. No way of knowing unless some jobsworth decides to send the boys around to steal my computer and look at all the stuff. I imagine most other guys with computers are as "morally corrupt" or whatever as I am, but that's no defense.
This looks pretty ace :…

According to the web page, the target audience age is 6-12. Should I be embarrased? I watched the 2nd X-Men movie the other day and thought it was a bit childish, or crappy, or too po-faced or just a bit not that good. Actually the first X-Men movie was pretty decent. But somehow maybe cartoons are inherently different and more awesome or something. If grown ups can watch an X-Men movie, surely it's OK to watch the cartoon as well. Can i watch this?
Hi there. Do you ever get the feeling that somehow, your life is incomplete? Well, i found out why this is:


Pretty fricking awesome, right? I guess you were also feeling incomplete because i've not been around. Sorry about that. Things to do and stuff. Hopefully will catch up in the new year and draw some pictures or something. Hope you all had a nice Xmas.
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I keep saying i'm going to catch up here. I plan to do so soon. I said that last time. Anyways, it's nothing personal. I am an equal oppurtunities arsehole.

In the meantime check out this. The Aeon Flux guy did a Tomb Raider cartoon. Episodes 1-3. The most awesome thing i've seen in ages. Here's a link where you can watch online:

and here's one where you can download:…
Is it just me who thinks this is probably a bad idea?…

Will catch up on DA messages and stuff soonish.
Bulgaria was robbed. The Serbian entry was absolute cock.
Colin is really entertaining. Shaun is awesome. It's like Barry from Eastenders doing a Brent impersonation. Tricia can actually sing, on top of being rather boneable, but did think that when it's January here, it's December in Australia. :S
Who wins? You decide.
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This looks so fricking sweet.…
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Playing Spock's brother.
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My messages aren't shown, except when i get a new one, and it shows me all of them for a while before losing them again.
Anyone else have this problem?
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Is on soon. This is awesome.…
We could have David Hasselhof, Stephen Hawking, Whitney Houston, Boris Johnson, Tara Reid and Kilroy all in the house together. :D
I wonder if anyone not in the UK gets to watch this.

Also, Happy New Year and Christmas. I will get around to doing my DA stuff at some point. In fact, i'll make it my new year's resolution to have a think about when i might do that.
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It's literally minutes of partial excitement! Not really done yet, but i won't be working any more on it for a while. It's an asteroids type of thing, with asteroids and the shooting of asteroids and stuff.

wasd to move, arrows left/right to turn, up arrow or space to fire, and down arrow to shoot missiles.
Once you've finished, you need to press escape to quit and load it again. I really ought to fix that, but i'm going to upload tinight, dammit.

Also, the file expires after a while. Reccommend me a file host if you can. Also, post your complete time. Enjoy.…
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How do I move to stuff to scraps? I tried this, and whilst stuff gets listed as "scraps", it still appears in the main gallery. WTF?
I'm going to catch up with devwatch and messages and stuff someday. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not soon, but eventually. Sorry.

In the meantime, what is the worst film you have ever seen? I vote for Armageddon. It really is very very bad indeed.
Overzealous moderators closing threads that have been "done before", when all the threads that were "done before" are closed anyway. This has happened before, and i prayed it wouldn't again, because it makes me absolutely livid.

"Hey honey, have a nice day at work today?"
"Somebody asked me that last year. Zip it."
"Nice weather we're having"
"Howabout we get jiggy?"
"Been done. STFU"

Do you see? Anyway, that's why i'm not going there anymore. Let's see how they like those apples.
If you haven't seen it, do so. I hope the guys making the Soul Calibur movie saw it and took notes.
I found that by disabling cookies, with the allow exceptions including "", i can use DA, but whenever i go to someone's frontpage, i don't show up on "recent visitors", and hence do not feel obliged to comment on something lest i commit faux pas".

The irony is that, if you do this, you cannot reply to journals without putting the user whose page it is on the cookies list. Ha!

I've found some cool stuff on my travels on the interweb. Because I love you guys, I'm going to take the trouble to inform you of them.

Freestream T1
ultra-badass car.…

Catwoman: Principles.
Best film with catwoman in i've seen. Last half of the film is basically one wicked fight scene. No wirework. No cgi. No stunt doubles. Awesome. Not sure whether i prefer this or Batman: Dead End.…

The IT Crowd.
Very nice comedy. You can download "highlights" of the episodes. The highlights are about 2/3 the length of the show. It's even got Chris Morris of Brass Eye (in)fame in it.…

Interactive Car Wash
A bit of fun for the guys. Rather a cunning idea. Try obvious words like "wash" or "wax". Also "smash", "toe", "wrestle", "pull", "drink", "trip", "tyre", "spray", "strip", "football, "bucket", "banana", "juicy", "hot", "dirty", "bumper", "strip", "bonnet", "wing", "laugh"....