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Toothless photo bombed!

Jack Frost
all edited into a table scene before dinner is served.
then Toothless pops up as the picture is taken! lol
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Hiccup: alright smile for the picture!
*the big four smiles and as the picture gets taken Toothless appears*
Toothless: ^_^
*picture is taken*
Hiccup: *looks at the pic* toothless!
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He is absolutely adorable!
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Lol ive seen this picture 80 times now and it never gets old :) whenever my freind has a bad day I say "toothless photo bomb!" And she just laughs. His face fits the bomb perfect in this one :D
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lol aww thats good to hear! Nice to hear my ideas put a smile on someones face. :D
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Toothless: *PHOTO BOMB*
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Haha! This is awesome!
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AWWW!! Toothless!!!
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OMG!! I love this!! :heart:
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You're welcomee!
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cute isnt it? lol.
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Toothless you naughty boy!! :iconomgsocuteplz:
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sill toothless popping up at the last second lol
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Merida is my favorite princess so far because she did not end up marrying a thief!
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Merida just proved that she is to young for marriage and to fall in love. She is a good princess and does what she wants lol.
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yup, The main goal behind Merida's reservation was that she did not like the heritage that impose upon the princess to have an arranged marriage that usually led to ending up with an inadequate mate like those who showed in the film, that never happens nowadays anymore. And yes she is a good princess, slightly headlong though for she gave her mother a spell, that was kinda irresponsible!
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OMG. I just... can't.. handle Toothless :icononionxdplz: Heart 
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lol toothless is awesome... lol
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The cutest dragon evere, haha! :icontoothlessrevplz:
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Omg so cute :D
Very original too haha
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