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This entry contains:
- New Robocity World artwork
- Character mini-profile coming with artwork
- Robocitans' interviews (OC tags & memes)

Finally, some Robocity World updates for all its wonderful fans! The updates include artwork, stories and character facts/concepts I made over the last six months.

I'm sorry about postponing the 15th Anniversary Comic for Robocity :'( I'm not doing great, so that might take a few months to get done. I'm super stressed and depressed and I don't know when the mess will be over. Sorry everyone...

Ceron Soldiery (illustration + short story)

I'm going to finish fixing the old translation of the Tale The Bunny when I feel better again, and add the link to the update journal entry.

Danara Selenta (illustration)

Danara Selenta as she appears in 2012. She is an ALL-Life robot who's able to partially grow up physically. This is how she appears as a teen in 2012; her adult version is identical but slightly different in terms proportions.

Danara's green hair is real, as it comes from her creator's DNA.

Elisha Rosden (illustration + blog + short story)

Elisha Rosden of Robocity, as she appears in 2014, while she works on her blog, (yes, it's a real blog!).

Like Danara Selenta, Elisha is an ALL-Life robot who's able to partially grow up physically. This is how she appears as an 18 year old in 2014.

Elisha is an Experimental robot and she has a position as a Leader's Assistant in Robocity for the quinquennial 2014-2019.

You can read Elisha's bio at her blog's About Me page:

K-1 "Spydrone" (full-figure illustration)

K-1 aka Spydrone, one of the most deadly I.A.R. Military robots ever built... but also one with the most painful redemption histories ever.

The story of this character's rebellion and his arrival to Robocity is revealed in the new Tale The Undeserving, that I will publish in January, hopefully.

For the occasion, I commissioned the Tale's cover to my friend, the amazing Sidian-VenBlu :heart: Look how beautiful it is:

Special Commission - RoboMommy by Sidian-VenBlu

Right? :') She totally captured the character of K-1 and his pain in this scene (that appears in the Tale and it's here interpreted by Sid).

Oil-Fender Terrain (illustration + 8 facts meme)

I used the opportunity : devpika : gave me with the 8 facts meme to introduce Oil-Fender Terrain, a new Robocity entry (early 2016). :) Oil-Fender is a gender-neutral robot and, unlike many other Robocitans, their creator was kind of nice and affectionate.

Click on Oil-Fender's picture below to see a bigger version and read the facts: Robocity's Oil-Fender Terrain - 8 OC Facts Tag

Rock Hardground (colored doodle)

I can't draw clean linework digitally yet, but I can definitely doodle and color, so... here is Rock Hardground, a Robocitan with a big heart and a million resources hidden in his pocket. He is also a single adoptive dad to little Tam (I have yet to draw him).

More on him in the upcoming Robocity Tale The Underserving.

Shotfire Adams (illustration + interview tag)

A second-generation Robocitan and Leader for the decade 2004-2014, son to first-generation Leader Commander Adams, and a hothead with a heart of golden. :')

Yeah, that's Shotfire in a nutshell! And here's Shotfire's interview for the OC Interview Tag :D

Rolamaton - Shotfire Adams - OC Interview Tag
What is your name?
I'm Shotfire Adams. Nice to meet you! You may call me Shotty, if you like. Everybody does.
Do you know why you are named that?
Uhm, you mean my first name? 'Shotfire' is the name my creator chose for me after some wordplay with 'shooting water to extinguish a fire', as he planned to make me a robotic firefighter assistant. The color scheme of my armor reminds of fire and firefighting: gray, red and yellow.
Then, if you meant my last name, 'Adams' is my creator's and adoptive father's last name. My creator's father created my adoptive father, so either way I would have inherited the last name.
Single or taken?
Absolutely taken and happily married to a human woman.
Stop being Mary Sue!!!
*widens eyes* The scrap is wrong with you?!
What's your eye color?
Light blue.
Hair color?
Er, no hair? My helm is mostly red with gray and yellow parts.
Have any family members?
Yes. My family is my wife Carol, our sons Skyshot a

Waveplex Oceanpy Echo (illustration)

Waveplex came to Robocity for the first time in 2003 as a spy and a saboteur, but his heart then softened to the power of kindness.

Why the 'Echo' last name? Well, it's because Silencer Echo adopted Wavey into his family. ;)

I drew Waveplex for the first time, after creating him as a character almost 13 years ago. You can view a bit of my inking process for Wavey here:

And the last stages of the coloring process:

* * *


The Robocity World Forum Is Back Online!

It's here now:

I had to migrate the old forum to a new platform (phpBB to SMF), so you have to register a new account if you already had one.

For those of you who are subscribers to my Private Newsletter and forum, the new URL is available at

A long owed Robocity World update. ^^
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Sidian-VenBlu Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017
Oh my, what a lovely update! *-*
Thank you so much as well for the featuring, I'm so proud of that picture, my friend x)
RoboMommy Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thank YOU, my sweet friend! :glomp: It means so much to me that you came here to read about my Robocitans! *squeals*

I'm happy to hear that, because the cover you painted for me is absolutely PERFECT. :') K-1/Spydrone has never been more beautiful and his soul has never shone through better. As soon as the Tale is complete, I will upload it on my website together with your cover. Can't wait!

Once again, thank you <3
Ampliflier Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
I was wondering if you going to do more of Destroyer? I love to see his wife too.:)
RoboMommy Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Professional General Artist
I'm going to! :) Trying to get to art again; sensory overload has been overkill these past two months, and I'm still catching up on client work and my work blogs. I long for an art- and creative writing-only day.
Ampliflier Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017
Okay take your time.:)
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