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Now you CAN buy me a 'coffee' ($3) to help me make time for Rolamaton, The Robocity and my other fiction works: Dance!

NOTE: For every $10 of donation to support my fiction, I will donate $2 to the REAL Rolamaton - my town's public library (Biblioteca "Carlo Levi", Genzano di Roma) - because Rolamaton is exactly my town's library, my refuge, and it runs on public funds and donations. Thanks in advance for helping both the fictional and "the real robocity" thrive!

You might have noticed I started watching artists and friends again. :) It took me two years, but my fear of getting bullied is finally fading. I also feel more confident about being able to face others' emotions in art and writing, althought I'm still careful - being a very empathetic person, I know my limits and what kind of content can throw off my mental health. I definitely try to avoid DeviantART when I feel emotionally overwhelmed, but therapy's helping.

Anywaaaaay, I'm so happy to be watching you guys again! :glomp: I'm still slow with comments and all, but getting there on the less busy days. Work can sometimes eat up my energy for days, especially when I'm already dealing with hormonal imbalances from PCOS and PSAS, but I cut down on work a bit to take care of my health, so yeah... it's good. ^^

New Watchers

I'm so thankful to my new watchers to deeming my work worthy of being followed! :hug: I'd love to know what really caught your attention, and I hope to see you in comments on my future deviations, journal entries, polls and status updates.

Thank you Arsirin TheSadQueen TwinDrops mrsratbag Saki-Aka-Midori XxxShariaxxX :dance:

Poll Results

I created several polls lately (I'm sure you noticed!) to survey the changes in 'taste' in my community of friends and fans. :) These are the takeaways from the polls:

(1) "Have you lost interest in Robocity and/or Eva Brothers since they became original work (no longer Transformers and Evangelion fanwork)?"

This poll exists because I noticed a drop in interest from most of my watchers since I 'rebooted' my fictional worlds. Thankfully, only 4 people lost interest altogether. 12 people still love my fiction, and 10 out of them are simply too busy to give feedback on my work (it's okay, guys! I'm often busy and I also have to catch up on your worlds ^^).

To the 4 ones who lost interest, I'm sorry to hear that, but I understand your feelings. Just know this: the TF- and Evangelion-based characters you loved so much are still there, in spirit, only in the body, face and name of a different, original character. But I assure you the spirit is still there, and if you look closely enough, you'll still find hints and homages to what it has been in the past. :heart: They will always represent the characters they used to be, for my heart and, hopefully, for yours, too. :heart:

(2) "Anyone's open to beta-reading Rolamaton Tales? :) (Smile) I'm editing the old Tales as well as writing new ones"

One person picked the "do it yourself" negative option (you're so kind, aren't ya? :P) and 2 people said they'll gladly beta-read the stories. Thank you! Now, will you please Note me? XD I don't know who you are!

(3)  "What would you think of a 3-page MTMTE(LL)/Rolamaton crossover fancomic? ^^"

Only one person doesn't like the idea - the other 7 voters do! :D I'm definitely going to do this comic as soon as I can get the script done (anyone wants to beta-read the script?).

It's meaningful that I want to crossover my own Rolamaton with MTMTE/LL, isn't it? :heart:

(4) "Do you want to know who the TF-based Robocitans became in the new original Rolamaton?"

So far, 3 people want to know, but only 2 of them commented. If you're that one person, please let me know who you are! :D So I can send you the PDF with the information.

2 people are fine with the new versions so far, which is great! Thank you for considering non-TF sentient bots! :w00t:

Right fella (Reactions)  As for the poll about Rock Hardground of Rolamaton... :D

Rock-is by RoboMommy

Yup! XD Rock's his own character, of course, but there is plenty of G1 Hound and IDW Trailbreaker/Trailcutter in him. You'll see it in his relationship with Tam and K-1 in the upcoming Rolamaton Tale The Undeserving.

Art Commissions

I'm reopening in June 1st (8 slots) and closing on July 31. :) Read all about it here:

Until then, I'll be working on the remaining commissions from last year. If you already ordered via the Commission widget (DA points) or via Note, I will get back to you on June 1st.

Yes, I know I still have some "watcher special requests" and gift artwork to get done, but those are really a free time thing. I won't forget though, so no worries ;) Just juggling priorities.

That's all for this entry. :hug: Thanks for reading and I love you! <3
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I'm glad you have overcome your fear of being bullied :3 You are such an awesome person. And I'm glad you featured me in this entry ^_^

RoboMommy's avatar
Awww thank you ;u; Means a lot, really! Sometimes I don't word things correctly and people don't even give me a chance to explain myself again. I do my best, but being overly emotional and with brain shutting down sometimes it gets tough. I try. Now I feel a little scared because of the last journal entry I posted here on DA - "Unions and Families in Rolamaton" - but I'm trying to remind myself I only shared worldbuilding information and my thoughts behind it, I didn't push anything down anybody's throat. So yeah... I try...

And you've been so very sweet with me from day one :') Thank you!
PrincessofDreams123's avatar
I'm glad you're back. :)  And don't forget to take care of yourself. :hug:
RoboMommy's avatar
Thank you so much, sweetie! :hug: I do my best. Therapy and medicines are working, too.
PrincessofDreams123's avatar
You're welcome. :)  I'm glad to hear it.
Kagehahen's avatar
You should have had a 'the flesh is willing but the kids' grades are weak' section there. I might beg for one to beta by the end of the school year just to read - I'm suffering burning out from editing kids' school work.  If I have to go over one more state for them to memorize my bodily emissions are going to start sounding like states' capitols. I do more of their stuff than I do prepping for grad school!
RoboMommy's avatar
Oh my, you sound so overworked, my friend. :( Don't worry about my stories (and no pressure at all!); you can beta one when you have more time to relax and enjoy it. ^^ The fact itself that you enjoy my stories makes me happy, dear. :heart:
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