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This entry was on my to-write list for a while, but I had to give it some deep thought first, especially considering that my work for these three universes dates back 1998 and it was pretty much a bunch of different continuities until 2005.

I've been working on aligning all the continuities for years, but since the work has been random and I did almost nothing some of the years, there's still plenty to get fixed or done.

Anyway, this entry is going to give you a rather clear picture of how the Berter Family, Robocity World and Planet Electronia continuities combine.

Because the work on the continuity is in progress, this entry will be updated in the future with new information.

Rc-brt-elctr by RoboMommy


1. All continuities have myself as a self-insert, even though my presence in Robocity World and Planet Electronia is rare. The Berter Family stories are mostly narrated from my own POV or that of a family member's. I will refer to myself as 'Luana' in the third person below, as that's me as a character of the stories and not me as the author speaking.

2. In my country (Italy) the minimum age for consent is 14, and it's 16 for marriage (with court consent), which is when the Electronian robot Jack-Par and Luana get married. They fall in love with each other way sooner than that, though, when she's 13, but worry not -- nothing happens! The relationship is platonic and there's a bit of romance here and there, and this is because I was 13 in real life when I wrote these stories. I was really in love with the character (originally, Optimus Primal from Beast Wars), so the stories revolved around my lovey-dovey dreams of myself being with him. If you disagree that a 13-14 years old has a non-sexual platonic/romantic relationship with a 20-something guy (which is Jack-Par's age in the story), please keep in mind that there are cultural differences at play. In any case, I repeat: there is NO sex involved here, and even if Jack-Par and Luana could have it, my imaginary self is exactly like me in real life -- I'd only have sex after marriage, so it still wasn't gonna happen.

3. I've been asked in the past if I'm going to sell anything related to Robocity World, Planet Electronia or The Berters. Actually, I don't have a clear answer for that: there are things I feel comfortable selling and other things I'm not. You see, these worlds are strictly intertwined with my real life, they're autobiographical in the sense that the Luana you read about in the stories is both the real me (when it comes to feelings and some life events) and a fictional me that exists in a parallel universe (story-wise). I don't want to sell 'me', nor my feelings, so I'm not going to put a price on my stories and comics. They'll always be free to read. However, I can definitely get paid to write and/or draw commission work for fans and supporters, to produce printed copies of the stories and comics, or sell gadget. For example, if someone likes my Robocity character Talla Netteri, I might draw a commission of them with Talla, or write an ad-hoc short story for them (wouldn't be canon), or make a keychain with Talla's head in chibi style and mail it to them. There is a lot of room for creativity in that, and you can always ask. ^^

Year 1993

Robocity World continuity starts:
An 8-year old girl called Luana desperately wants to help a group of robot friends -- Aquila Skies, Speeder Fastery, LadyJet and a few others -- be granted a shelter by her town mayor. When the mayor gets to talk to the robots, he's more likely to give in to her request, and he agrees on assigning the ex-library buildings to her robot friends. The construction works start toward the end of 1993.

When I created Robocity in 2001, I immediately dove myself into writing and creating artwork for the Tales I wanted to tell, without working on them in a chronological order. This is something I still do, because Robocity World is a very personal kind of work, but after almost 15 years, I think it's about time that I started working on the Foundation stories, right? ;) Worry not, I already got started! Eager to finish them and share them with you (might take a while, but still...). :squee: You're going to love Aquila Skies, I promise!

Year 1994

Robocity World:
The mini-town gets officially opened on February 15, 1994. This is also the year Robocitans meet the their AU versions, the Electronians (but Luana knows nothing about it until 1998).
In real life, the library is still there (where fictional Robocity is), and this is intentional: in fact, Robocity is also a homage to my town library for being the place that offered me a shelter from bullying, depression and other terrible times in my life and gave me a chance to immerse myself in a world of fiction and knowledge, and even some quiet time to draw and write. I wanted Robocity to be very close to me and to my heart -- the library was the perfect place for it. In-story, the library moved a few hundred meters down the road, so Robocity and the library would forever be connected even within the continuity.

Planet Electronia:
With the first encounter between Robocitans and Electronians, planet Electronia and its inhabitants are introduced, together with their unique storyline.
Electronia's storyline involves 3 universes:
1) main storyline (linked to Robocity and The Berters from the beginning)
2) first AU storyline (only connects to The Berters at first) - AU-1
3) second AU storyline (only connects to The Berters at first) - AU-2

The background story of the main storyline (and the others) are still strongly W.I.P., so I will post updates whenever I have at least a summary and a generic timeline ready. Here's some information to begin with:
  • All three storylines involve a planet called Electronia that is inhabitated by mostly robotic lifeforms. I say "mostly" because some Electronian ethnic groups are more similar to cyborgs, being partly organic. All Electronians, even the non-organic, can process organic food and turn it into fuel.
  • In general, Electronians have a more fluid gender system by biology. There are males, females, hybrids (bi-gender and genderless), and every Electronian carries both the "female" and "male" reproductive system. That leads to a unique biological situation that allows for individuals to breed without a partner -- which is however considered taboo on Electronia (main storyline, but even mostly in the other two AUs) due to genetic complications. Also, while virtually all cyborg Electronians are enabled for sexual reproduction, the process is somewhat different for non-organic ones, which evolution provided with alternate different systems, either sexual and non-sexual. Fun fact: because Electronians (main storyline) are also sexually compatible with human beings in terms of reproduction, some Electronian philosophers consider humans an extension of their species that took another direction in evolution. At the same time, some humans consider Electronians as 'robotic humans'.
  • There are somatic differences betweet similarly named ethnicities between main-storyline Electronia and AU-1. There are also differences in how political and social power is handled across the three storylines, making for interesting parallels and "shattered glass" situations.
  • Main-storyline Electronia and AU-2 Electronia are organized in regions, provinces, cities and districts. AU-1 is organized in city-states grouped under five major counties.
  • Most Electronians are born with special talents or powers that slowly develop as they grow old. Powers can go from invisibility to shapeshifting, and sometimes they can be dangerous.
  • The substance that flows in Electronians' veins (their blood) is called Nuhonio.
  • Electronians have a real veneration for the concept of 'soul', that they call Ktora.
  • AU-1 Electronians don't have last name but birthplace references. Main-storyline and AU-2 Electronians all have last/family names.
It's entirely possible that there might be more Electronia AUs in the future.
A bit of glossary of Electronian political/social movements:

Explorabots - born from 18th century Electronian thinker and politician Fire-Comet's ideals of expanding social relationships and cultural interexchange to other people of other planets in the galaxy. Her philosophy inspired many Electronians to get out of their previous closed society and seek contact with other sentient beings. Advancer-One Berter is an Explorabot.

Mechawars - movement created by Satellite-One in response to Fire-Comet's philosophy, to counter her thoughts with a philosophy based on world-centrism and the racist ideal that cyborg Electronians were not real Electronians, as only fully-mechanical bodies made Electronian people what they were. Satellite-One sent his daughter to (attempt to) kill Fire-Comet, but the young Electronian was blocked before she could commit the murder. Meron-Fighter is a Mechawar.

Fierors - movement born from Dastia in the 19th century to combat Satellite-One's racist ideal that saw half-organic Electronians as inferior to fully-mechanical ones. Jack-Par Berter was a Fieror.

Snakeators - a subgroup of the Mechawars dedicated to sabotaging contacts with non-Electronians or turning the interactions to conflict.

Year 1998

The Berter Family continuity starts (and links to Robocity and Electronia):
Luana is 13 and upset about the lack of respect she gets for loving robots. Her family continues to not understand, so she asks her good friend, the scientist Limoni, for help. He had recently built an inter-dimensional shuttle and gave her permission to use it to explore other worlds and parallel universes.

That's how Luana finds planet Rapaza, and how she meets the Electronian team lead by Jack-Par Berter. This is also when she learns that Electronians from this universe have met with her Robocitan friends and it's when things pieces begin to fall into place.

[Over the years, there are some minor universes coming into play, that I have however kept under the Berters Family storyline instead of creating new standalone 'spotlight continuities. Work is hugely in progress on these universes, so I'm skipping them for now. To give you a couple of example, recall Luana's adopted children from planet Yoreh and her Adyllian daughter T'rashara.]

Year 2015

Luana finds the Electronia AU-1 during one of her travels. She meets Mechawar Skyshadow and takes him in as her son. That leads to a series of encounters that make her aware of another Electronia with different settings and history, some of which explain the somatic differences between these Electronians and the ones she knows from the other universe. Eventually, Luana goes back home with newly found affections that will be her new 'adopted' children.
The main storyline Electronia doesn't interact much with AU-1, unless it's through meetings with the Berter family, but the situation might change in the future.
Months later, Luana travels across dimensions with two of her children - Scarlette and Dartride - and finds Electronia AU-2, where she and her children build connections, especially with an Explorabot-turned-Mechawar medic by the name of Pathos and the AG (Attackers Gathering) group members.
The main storyline Electronia also gets in touch with AU-2 via the 'adopted' children Luana takes into the family.

As always, feel free to ask questions. :) I'll be happy to respond in comments and I might also use the questions to update this entry. Thanks!
Some explaination was due! ^^
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Kagehahen Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016
That's an excellent syllabus to your writings.  Thank you for providing it.
RoboMommy Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thank you for sticking with me, dear. :) This was long overdue. I'm really still fixing the continuities to avoid inconsistencies and remove any I introduced over the past 18 years.
Kagehahen Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016
I didn't have a hard time following the time line or the subject matter, but it makes it a lot easier to keep track of when I need to back myself up from time to time (because there are times when I can't keep up or read - busy life with family and all). And I know there are probably others who could use it too.
RoboMommy Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Professional General Artist
I'm glad! I just thought it was hard to follow my stories when I never wrote/drew any in a chronological order, and now that everything's not fan-based anymore, following might get even harder. I'm working on timelines, too, but those progress very slowly, so this is all I could share for now.
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