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Note: if you voted on this Ask-My-Character poll, PLEASE WRITE YOUR QUESTION IN COMMENTS! I can't have my child possibly answer without it, right? :XD: Yup.

For the reference, RotG is an acronym for Rise of the Guardians (the Dreamworks movie based on William Joyce's Guardians of Childhood books), and MTMTE refers to the Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye comic.

I'm in both fandoms, so here's 8 art features for each fandom - the pieces I loved the most this month. :love:

RotG Features

1 You've guys grown up by Milady666 2 Don't go...(Jack Frost/Jamie) by Bev-Nap 3 Prayers by Mahogany-Fay 4 Happiest time by Milady666 5

Mature Content

Fallen From Grace by TwistedxSaiyan
 6 Enter Sandman by TwistedxSaiyan 7 ''Care'' by FoxDragonLover 8 Commission - Sandy by Kiell-Art

There is plenty to love about these artworks and fanfic.

1. Thinking of Jamie and Sophie still believing in Jack Frost as they grow up is something I really hoped to see in a sequel to RotG, and this illustration by Milady666 portrays just that, beautifully.

2. When I saw the movie the first time, I couldn't help but seeing Jamie as a little brother who doesn't want to see his big brother to leave. It was heartwarming to see the final hug between Jamie and Jack, and I love how Bev-Nap captured the moment with a simple drawing.

3. I agree with the artist: people were mostly religious in 1700s, so it makes sense to portray Jack and his sister praying before bedtime. As a Christian myself, this piece also touches upon a very personal string :heart: Mahogany-Fay did a wonderful job here. I love it.

4. I definitely wanted to see more of Jack and his sister (and learn her real name, too). This one's so sweet and Milady666 drew their faces so well (I didn't get the cape issue - maybe the artist meant it moved to a side for the little girl to be on Jack's back?)

5. My new friend TwistedxSaiyan did a wonderful job in portraying Pitch Black as a general and then as a spirit in the same picture. You can really see Pitch's history in one picture. I have yet to read the books, but from what I could read online, this is pretty much it.

6. Another piece by TwistedxSaiyan, this time featuring Sanderson Mansnoozie, the Sandman. :aww: I think she drew him perfectly, I loved everything about this picture, and those little hands... *mommy-sighs* :happycry: So, anyway, I think this is a great artwork to have in Favorites if you are a RotG (and a Sandy) fan :D

7. One of the most beautiful short fanfics about Pitch Black and Jack Frost (platonic, not a pairing) I've read so far. Touching and the characters are portrayed wonderfully. I think FoxDragonLover did an amazing job with it - go read it! :D

8. Such a cutie, little Sanderson! :meow: This artwork by Kiell-Art only got ONE comment (mine) and it definitely deserves more love!

MTMTE Features

1 SECRET_cover by BTFly009 2 Trepan, Overlord by koch43 3 Sister by Bluezooms 4 Hard Study by Sziondaisy 5<da:thumb id="627370097"/> 6 Tarn TF ANIMATION by Trunchbull 7<da:thumb id="647761528"/> 8 The Feels: Trailcutter by Grafeeni

1. If you loved Nautica and Skids in TF:MTMTE, and their blossoming love that never got a chance due to *events*, you will love this comic by the sweet and talented BTFly009 :happycry: I know for sure it fulfilled a need of my heart (to see Skids and Nautica together at least once in a comic) and I cried when I read it. Love you more for it, BTFly! :hug: (I'll comment it soon, dear - just got to put my emotions back in order, because I still cry ^^)

2. I just love this one by koch43 (for the record, I bought some of her artbooks/comic books and I talked to her a few times - she's an adorably sweet person and a great artist!): it's hard to see Overlord and Trepan in chill settings, but this artwork managed to keep their personalities intact while showing them enjoying a chill moment. That sea's just beautiful, too :')

3. One of my favorite MTMTE artworks by Bluezooms - featuring Kaon and Vos (I love these two guys so much, but that's beyond the point I guess... the art alone is stunning :heart:)

4. One of Sziondaisy's illustrations for her beautiful fanfic A Spark's Worth I've been reading on AO3 since the last year. You can read it here… It's impossible not to fall in love with pre-DJD Vos in this fic (Scope) :happycry:

5. When Redgully draws Tarn, she draws him so beautifully it's impossible not to love the artwork. :D This is by all means my favorite Tarn piece by this crazily talented artist :heart:

6. Well... we couldn't see Tarn transform in the comic, right? I mean, yes, a bit, but a comic is not a cartoon show... and that's where Trunchbull's skills come in :D Can't help but loving this short "Tarn transformation sequence" animation.

7. Another lovely piece by Redgully - an endearing scene of DJD Helex holding an exhausted Nickel who just fell into deep recharge, poor lil' one.

8. Trailcutter is hard enough to draw, but guess what? Grafeeni did it, and that sweetheart looks great despite the sadness (we know what happened in the comics). I honestly love this so much. :')


I've been working on the two old commissions from Summer 2016 and I've made good progress on both, despite of my low energy this week due to an intense and painful of menstruation (after several months without it, and with the help of pills to have it come back; thank you, PCOS Rage ).

Been doodling and sketching more Meravilla pictures, too - this one of Jacob hugging his newly adopted brother Pete is my favorite so far (this one is set in 2017, so Jake had a haircut and is wearing ordinary Earth clothes):

Jakepete-wip by RoboMommy

Yeah, the lil' word Jake says is "Bro! :heart:". :squee:

I also penciled a picture of Jacob and Pete cosplaying as Jack Frost and Pitch Black from Rise of the Guardians, but it's too funny to spoil it here, so I'm going to finish it first and then I'll upload it as a deviation. :XD: Well, given that Jacob represents Jack for me, and Pete represents Pitch, the cosplay picture IS meaningful and very important to me. Maybe I'll add Starlyn as well (to represent Sandman) once I fully developed the character - Starlyn is magic fairy-like being from Meravilla, of course.

About "representations", the "transferred motherhood" process and my own self-imposed "invisibility" in the fandom(s), I imagined a dialogue with my RotG children and I let my heart free with it; this is what happened:

Me: *crying from the heartache* I don't know what to do... Jacob, Pete and Starlyn are YOU, but I also want to love you the way you are...

Jack: Mom, I can be Jacob in that other family universe, but I'll always be Jack for YOU... you can't deny that, and it's how we're meant to be family. This is just how everything's meant to be, mom.

Pitch: You know Jack is right. You're scared the fandom, Mr. Joyce and the movie producers will hate you for showing your motherlove to us, but how is your motherlove worse than all the fangirling spread around the Web? How is your innocent feeling for us going to ruin our reputation or 'pollute' the fandom?

Me: You have no idea, sweetie... Sometimes the more innocent you are, the worse you're going to pay in a fandom... or you'll get ignored, like you don't exist at all

Sandy: *comes closer with a sad face and hugs me*

Jack: You have a right to exist and be yourself like the others, mom! Don't listen to them.

Me: And what about Mr. Joyce? I even told him about my mommylove for you, Jack! How could I follow my heart so blindly? Maybe I offended him...

Sandy: *shakes head energetically and taps my cheek with his hand, frowning*

Jack: If he loves me, and he knows how much I long for a family, how can he have it against you for loving me exactly the way I need? For making me, Pitch and Sandy a family? Think about it. Doesn't make sense, right?

Me: *tries to speak...*

Pitch: NO! Not another word. Listen to us, mom. This is the time when children know better than their parents.

... and they really do. They do know better. :happycry: Even about Joyce, who "liked" my tweets and didn't ignore them at all.

'Till the next update, darlings! :hug:
My 3rd art feature! RotG and MTMTE themed. :) Plus some updates from me.
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Grafeeni Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Goodness! I don't come by dA often enough, thank you for the unexpected feature! :iconbadassplz:
BTFly009 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks, for mentioned Secret, dear! :hug: :heart: Nautica and Skids were a perfect couple, its a shame it never happened in comics. I think many people wanted to see them thogether, including me! xD 
TwistedxSaiyan Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
N'aw, thanks for the mention and also very lovely story.
I do want to apologize for not being on much, been terribly down for a while here, but am starting to pick up.
I do hope that you've been doing well, sending you lots of good thoughts and vibes~
PrincessofDreams123 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing art pieces. :)  I love the story too. :D
Kiell-Art Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the mention! :)
RoboMommy Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017  Professional General Artist
You're welcome! :glomp: I love that little golden one you drew ^-^
FoxDragonLover Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SpongeBob (Cries) THANK YOU!! *GLOMP*
RoboMommy Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2017  Professional General Artist
Awww :huggle: You're welcome! I loved that one just so much :happycry:
Mahogany-Fay Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw thanks a lot for the feature! I'm touched you liked this piece in particular. :heart:
RoboMommy Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2017  Professional General Artist
It really moved me to tears :happycry: Means big time for my heart. And you're welcome - in addition to the emotions, the artwork itself is beautiful. :heart:
Mahogany-Fay Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry it took so long to get back to you!
Thanks again! Knowing a simple piece of art can move someone to tears is the best reward. :) :hug:
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