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Commissions are OPEN all year long Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Happy Dance) V6 

Send me a Note if you want to pre-order

Bullet; Green Commission slots: unlimited and open all year long. I will update this page with a fixed number of slots or "fully booked" if I get too busy.

Bullet; Red Payment methods:
  • PayPal (preferred, Invoicely): Note me for the invoice
  • Stripe (Invoicely): Note me for the invoice
  • Amazon Gift Cards: they will fund my herb-based medical needs and studies (textbooks, kits and other materials). My Amazon email to send the gift card to is
  • DA Points (only for commissions up to $20): remember $1 = ~100 points *updated May 31, 2017, after reviewing DA amounts*
Bullet; Yellow See my work here on DA and at for samples

Bullet; Red Rules are simple:
  • Fan characters and original characters are preferred. I can also do canon characters on occasion
  • No complex backgrounds below $20
  • No graphic/sexy/fetish/explicit scenes or pr0n (but tender/tasteful loving scenes are sweet and I can do those)
  • I might refuse to do a commission if I feel uncomfortable with doing it for some reason; in such case, I will communicate my decision privately
  • Payment on delivery of the first sketch for commissions up to $30 and any non-PayPal/non-Stripe payments. Everything else, payment of 50% of the final price on delivery of the first sketch, remaining 50% at completion
  • Please be aware that, due to my unstable health, it might take me several months to complete your commission. When you order, I will assume you are aware of this note and you will not pressure me to be done quickly (my health issues are not a choice). Thanks!

Interested? :) (Smile) See below for rates. When slots open, you can order a commission via Notes (add as much commission detail as you can!) and let your friends know in case they are interested in commissions.

Note: Since March 2017, I'm a registered business as a freelance writer and artist, so art commissions are part of my job. That means I now charge professional rates - not strange if you think about it, since I need to pay business taxes and bills.

However, the rates I offer on DA are already discounted compared to those on my business website.

Prices below are for max 2 characters. Rate doubles for each character you add.
** If the picture you want doesn't seem to have a listed rate below, Note me and let me know! I might have missed something when I compiled this commission sheet :) Thank you **
F2U - Black Swirled Stars - Divider by RigelWeiss
Limited Time Offer - $5! - (Digital Only) Rough Colored Sketches/B&W Sketches/Colored or B&W Concept Art
Rollerbot-somecolors by RoboMommy Robocitan-unnamed by RoboMommy Tarn by RoboMommy
Note: I don't do traditional art for this offer.

What you can get for $15 (or 1,200 DA Points)

Sketches (no background, B&W or colored): pencil or digital

Colored sketches (flats or 'sketchy' shading): digital color

F2U - Black Swirled Stars - Divider by RigelWeiss

What you can get for $20 (or 1,600 DA Points)

Linework (no background): pencil, ink or digital

Little Scrap Robot - INKS - by RoboMommy

F2U - Black Swirled Stars - Divider by RigelWeiss

What you can get for $25

Linework (with background): pencil, ink or digital

Colored artwork (no background):

- digital color

Books and Young Readers by RoboMommy This is Motherlove by RoboMommy Little Girl with Puppy (Dedicated) by RoboMommy Frowing-girl by RoboMommy

- traditional color (pencils, Copic+Letraset markers)


F2U - Black Swirled Stars - Divider by RigelWeiss

What you can get for $30

Digitally colored artwork (traditionally drawn and inked, simple background)

F2U - Black Swirled Stars - Divider by RigelWeiss

What you can get for $45

Comic strip (pencil and/or ink + digital color)

Detailed artwork (pencil and/or ink, with or without digital color - you can have up to 8 characters for this one!)

F2U - Black Swirled Stars - Divider by RigelWeiss

Inked Comic Page - $100 per page

Comic page like the one below:

Sketched, penciled and inked traditionally (ink pens, brush).

Digitally Colored Comic Page - $130 per page

Samples coming soon!

Traditionally Colored Comic page - $180 per page

I Missed You - Comic by RoboMommy
© 2017 - 2021 RoboMommy
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I would like to commission something, but I don't know yet :lol: I might think about it, and PM you the details later. 

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Whenever you feel ready, dear :D Thank you so much!
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Ohhh this is cool ^•^!!!
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Thank you, dear! :hug: It was time I reopened commissions for good! I still have to finish a couple commissions for trigirl48 and blueace1986 from the last year, but while I progress on those, I can start accepting new orders.

I missed the feeling <3
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Your very welcome :) you can do is mom I believe in you <3!